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The Road Warrior, jungle rule zone of Seattle died without a wimper.

It was from the outset a well-planned effort to give lamestream media ugly footage of the Trump Team injuring and killing the peaceful protesters in the zone of love.

The mayor and governor facilitated, putting up real barriers, providing toilets, food and other supplies. The police were ordered to get out and stay out.

Predictably, the jungle chiefs took control. Monetary shake downs and beatings were the warm-up. Rape of men, women and children followed with murder as its companion.

While the presstitutes portrayed the peaceful love-fest as best they could, the Internet told a very ugly real story of life inside the autonomous zone.

The Donald told the mayor and governor, “Either you fix this or I will.” Then proceeded to do nothing. Now I get it. He kept them from quitting before the ugliness was widely recognized. He froze them in place giving them hope he was falling into their trap.

They gave up that hope. It clearly was not coming to pass.

Seattle police were asked if they could clean it up.
Not with the rules of engagement you will impose on us.

The Democrat politicians had to go up one level. The money men behind their elections are the same as the money men behind the riots, the violence, and the CHAZ.


No more CHAZ.
Same day service.
It just went away.
Leaving behind a message about how successful they were and closing with: “VOTE DEMOCRAT”

I kid you not. That was bottom line in the big chief’s published departure message. (Which I should have saved when I saw it. Dang I hate when I do that. I thought it would be everywhere for a long time, but now I cannot find a single copy.)