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Posted by Jesse James | Jun 19, 2020
The living standards, social norms and relative peace of pre-2020 are no longer applicable. A paradigm shift has occurred, and like in any sport or arms race, those who fail to keep up and adjust to the new reality get to play the Maginot Line circa 1939. Not that most of the idiot conservatives and libertarians running around quoting Reason magazine and Glenn Beck are not going to get it, but I do this for suburbia and the middle class, the great sleeping giant in all internecine domestic conflicts. The blue collar deplorable people understand, they either work around crazies or were fortunate enough to get kicked in the teeth from 2008-2016 and circumstances forced them to understand some uncomfortable truths…like a good 20-30% of the country outright wants to kill you or take everything from you.

The main reason I support defunding every police department in every state, reparations, parading whites in chains through the city streets and generally the erasure of every historical figure in European and American history is to make that sleeping giant intolerably uncomfortable. Suburbia needs to experience a fear like the residents of Atlanta felt when Sherman arrived. Reason has not worked, logic and facts did little to turn people away from the sportsball and that new Harley. If warning a child not to touch the stove doesn’t work, then perhaps a more dramatic step is in order. As the adults in the room, I wonder if it is not past time to allow them touch the stove. Not simply graze it, but really grab it with both hands, hang on for dear life and let these confluence of events sear there way into the opiate-addled, career obsessed HOA-ville. Lest you think I am being boorish and unnecessarily cruel, ask yourself what the June 2019 version of yourself would have said had you been read the headlines from the last month?
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Why I support and encourage the protests…and so should you.

We should all endeavor to be the best allies we can be in the fight against systematic racism and the oppression of all peoples of the globe by the singular evil…

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