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The Enemy Within

Guest Post by Southern Sage from The Burning Platform

The background, big picture explains what we are in the middle of; why it seems our country, society, culture is under attack. This article pulls so much together from a writer who understands and explains it well – Ted

The Alinsky angle is important, of course, but the problem is far worse than that. Alinsky was a criminal subversive who deserved the hangman’s noose but he was only one player among many who have brought us to the brink of catastrophe.

I am a retired intelligence officer who spent almost all of his career overseas. Unlike so many of the so-called “counter-terrorism experts” who spew blather on TV, I really did work against terrorist and extremist political organizations as well as guerrilla movements. I also had the experience of actually living in a Communist country. I have studied the Communist movement for many years and in recent years I have expanded that to cover what can best be called the “Globalist” movement. The two are different but related.

What we are seeing today in our country today is the culmination of decades of steady, determined work to undermine and erode everything that ordinary Americans believe in, fundamentally change our culture, political system, and economic structure, and finally dispossess the historic American population of our country. A key element in this is the destruction of American sovereignty and its replacement by a web of international laws, institutions, treaties, and financial arrangements.

The Marxist elements behind this work of destruction (I will simply call them Communists or Reds) are a mixed bag of extremists who may adhere to different sects of the Marxist “religion” but whose ultimate goals are more or less the same. The Globalist elements are in the service of the powerful, “cosmopolitan”, Uber-wealthy “citizens of the world” and the chumps who serve them or want to be like them.

Regarding the problem of the Reds in the United States (most dramatically exemplified by the so-called “Antifa” organization but including literally hundreds of lesser-known radical political organizations, including large segments of the Democrat Party), the origins of this treasonous cabal can be found in the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR brought thousands of leftists into the government, many of them New York-based Jews. Many of these people were either immigrants or first generation Americans.

Instead of gratitude for the opportunity they were given in America they seethed with resentment and contempt for ordinary Americans and brought extremist political principles with them from places such as czarist Russia. It should be said that not all, or even a majority, of American Jews, shared these ideas. Those that did, however, were active, determined, highly intelligent, ruthless and absolutely set on achieving their objectives. They took care to ensure that other Jews were kept in a state of constant panic and alarm over the mostly imaginary “anti-Semitism” of Americans.

A very special group of mainly Jewish immigrants constituted the “Frankfurt School”. These were Marxist “intellectuals” who fled Hitler’s Germany one step ahead of the Gestapo. Painting themselves as the victims of merciless political oppression, the truth is that these men and others like them were largely responsible for the rise of Hitler in the first place by fomenting Communist revolution in Germany. The gullible American people took them in and promptly received their just reward: the Frankfurt School subversives immediately began to sabotage the country that had given them refuge. This tidal wave of Reds soon infiltrated virtually every American institution: universities were an early target but all of the major branches of government, the media, Hollywood and key elements of national life were targeted as well.

By the time of our entry into World War II the Reds were as thick as bedbugs in a Bronx hot sheet hotel. The Reds had first demanded boycotts and other actions against the Hitler regime and supported the French and British, until September 1939 and the pact between Stalin and Hitler, when they made an abrupt u-turn, only to switch back to supporting a war of annihilation against Germany; they had little interest in the Pacific war against Japan, unlike most Americans.

Hundreds of Soviet spies and thousands of their friends, known as “fellow travelers”, honeycombed the Federal government and the military. These traitors would give the Soviets the secrets of the atom bomb and ensure that World War II ended in the most favorable way for the regime of Joseph Stalin. That mass murderer would receive billions in U.S. aid. Harry Dexter White, a spy and senior Treasury Department official, even gave Stalin the plates for printing U.S. occupation currency in Germany, allowing the Red Army to finance itself on the back of the American taxpayer!

Do not think, as some do, that all of these turncoats were Jews. Far from it. Many people who claimed descent from Mayflower passengers filled these sordid ranks, as did a few renegade Southerners and other otherwise ordinary Americans. Alger Hiss, a senior State Department official and a typical Ivy League product, was one of them. He did immense damage to the United States.

It is no coincidence that he was the U.S. representative to the founding of the United Nations, a Globalist plaything for decades.

This phase of the “party” came to an end with the start of the Cold War, the Korean War, and a series of arrests of Soviet spies in the years after 1945. The Americans finally woke up and realized what had happened to their government. Brave men and women – among them Richard Nixon and Senator Joseph McCarthy – dared to demand the truth. Both would pay a heavy price for their loyalty to the country. Nixon would be hated his entire career for exposing American liberals as dupes who had enabled a massive Soviet apparatus of subversion and espionage.

McCarthy would be hounded and virtually broken on the wheel for his fearless naming of names. He was turned into a devil figure by the liberal media and mocked as a paranoid. Recent revelations such as the Venona Papers prove that not only was McCarthy right, he was understating the case. Our government was lice-ridden with Reds and Soviet spies.
McCarthy’s stand was not without results, however. The American public was aroused and it was no longer a laughing matter to be a Communist sympathizer or express pro-Soviet chit-chat at cocktail parties. The Reds were largely driven underground.

They did not disappear, however. Now masquerading as “liberals” or, somewhat more risky, “Progressives” (a term synonymous with Communist in the 1930’s , by the way, and borrowed from an earlier American tradition) they quietly continued their termite-like work. They latched on to causes popular with wide sectors of the American population. The civil rights movement was a major cover for their real activities. The Vietnam War would soon provide them with an even more effective way to reach white, middle-class youth.

Using their links in the media and Hollywood – by now virtually in the pocket of so-called “Progressives”, they set about creating permanent divisions in American society. The rise of identity politics, feminism, mass immigration, and the increasing radicalization of the Democrat Party were all fostered by leftist elements in key institutions.
Of course, the vast majority of the people who supported or accepted these changes in American society were entirely ignorant of who was really pulling the strings. They were hapless suckers. The leftists used the usual “salami” tactics to avoid alarming the rubes – one subtle change at a time. The changes were gradual and seemed reasonable to many.

By the time of the 2016 election the Progressives, as they now openly called themselves, were ready for what they thought would be their final victory.

The eight years of Obama, a sinister, shadowy figure who was obviously hand-picked by the senior Red leadership in the United States (see the book, Barack Obama and the Enemies Within, by Trevor Loudon, to understand the complex moves that led to Obama entering the White House) were intended to pack the judiciary, the military, the intelligence agencies, and the senior bureaucracy with fellow Progressives. Some are mere idiots who swallow the nonsense spewed out by the left. Others are supremely arrogant True Believers well aware of what they are doing. They hate America and want to see it destroyed, replaced by some weird cornpone/flower child/Black Panther version of the Soviet Union. As for real Americans, they can be disposed of.

The election of Trump came like a bolt out of the blue or, rather, a shovel full of shit thrown in their faces. it is impossible to overstate the shock, the disbelief, the horror, the rage of the left when this absurd figure snatched power from the grasping hands of Hillary Clinton.

High on their own stash, the Progressives had already dismissed the real America from their calculations. The hicks in flyover country did not exist to them, except as cartoon figures to be mocked. Trump’s election overturned their apple cart and ran a hot iron up their collective butts. They simply could not process it at first but they quickly recovered.

The Russia hoax, the impeachment farce, the lawsuits, the clearly unconstitutional rulings by Obama judges, the insults and, now, the corona virus panic and the George Floyd riots, have all failed miserably. Don’t believe the polls because they are false. The internal polls show Trump in a landslide and this will grow bigger as the Democrats lose all control as the election nears.

Many of us criticize Trump for what he has not done. Fair enough, but what he has done is stop the Marxist tide in its tracks – for now. Even more important, the real America is completely awake. We know who the enemy is now, we know the mainstream media is a nest of lying vipers, we know what the end game of these traitors is, and we are not going to let it happen. The plan had been to slip all of this into place before the people understood what was going on. That is over.

Not that we are out of the woods. Not hardly. The behavior of governors, mayors, senior government officials, and even the military commanders and police chiefs in response to waves of criminal violence, has been despicable. The vast majority of these people are simply densely ignorant, limp-wristed. dithering pantywaists, with no understanding of history, our laws, the Constitution, power or, worst of all, what kind of forces America is up against. Are most of these fools witting Alinskyites? of course not.

But it doesn’t matter. The people pulling their strings are.

One of the best books ever written on the mentality of the Communist radicals is Anatomy of the Red Brigades, by Alessandro Orsini, an Italian academic at the University of Rome. It is a brilliant work and speaking from my experience with Communist and Communist terrorists, it is spot on regarding their mindset. motivation, and malevolent view of the world. Orsini deftly shows how people evolve from being leftist malcontents, to becoming political subversives, to in the end becoming murderous terrorists.

Orsini studied the Italian Red Brigades, Europe’s most feared urban terrorists. I have seen this process myself in South American terrorist organizations. Our own home-grown Communist extremists are currently undergoing this transformation. I should note that when I ordered Orsini’s book there was a review written by one reader that boiled with hatred and rage over what he had written. He had touched the nerve of one of our own incipient terrorists.

These homicidal lunatics are relatively few but they exercise an influence all out of proportion to their number. For every wild-eyed political thug willing to commit violent acts there are a hundred – or hundreds – who will support and sympathize with them and no shortage of “intellectuals”, politicians, and journalists who will find excuses for their crimes.

The Communists – all of them including our “own” – are motivated primarily by intense, maniacal hatred. This hatred is worse for “reformers” than it is for outright “reactionaries” or “fascists”. This is what makes our Casper Milquetoast police chiefs, mayors, governors, and military men so dangerous. Their willingness to grovel and kneel to these barbaric hordes only intensifies their hatred with utter contempt. It also fills them with a very much mistaken sense of their own power and blinds them to the inevitable reaction their antics will cause.

A word about the black minority in the United States. it is true that Black Lives Matter is a useful and dangerous tool in the hands of the Reds. No doubt about it. That said, most blacks, whatever their anger and resentment (often justified) are not soldiers in some leftist army. They usually see right through the bullshit being spread by white, middle-class radicals. The idea that most blacks are about to take up arms together with these punks is ludicrous. True, a certain number will take advantage of the situation for a little bargain shopping and there will be the usual loudmouths, but that is the extent of their devotion to the “revolution”. You can already see even very liberal blacks backing away from this extremism.

On the subject of the Globalists, there is little to say. The Clintonesque/Soros/Wall Street looting of America, the middle class, and the Third World has been exposed. We get it now. These soulless bastards strip-mined America for their own bank accounts and to the benefit of China. The hipsters who curse Trump are too stupid to realize that the bankers sold their own dreams of a good life down the river to Shanghai. Yeah, there really is a class of transnational rich men who don’t give a damn about their putative countries and they hate Trump for letting the cat out of the bag.

It is unfortunate that such a large percentage of our population have been shown to be credulous morons and to have bought the Progressive scam hook, line and sinker. If that were not the case it would have been much easier to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Now it may take civil war, followed by a hard dictatorship, and accompanied by extremely harsh punishments to root out the Progressive cancer.

History does not repeat but it rhymes. Our history may rhyme with the Spanish Civil War.

In 1936 Spain was falling apart. A violent, aggressive leftist movement, Communist and anarchist in large part but including traditional liberal elements, was pushing for radical social and economic change. The Catholic Church was a major target of a strong anti-clerical element on the left. The military – eventually led by General Francisco Franco – as well as upper and middle class Spaniards, joined by devout Catholics and conservative peasants, faced off against the radicalized urban working class and landless farm laborers. As our Communists are destroying our historical monuments, the Spanish leftist were burning churches and, eventually, murdering priests, nuns and lay Catholics.

As the country spun out of control, conservative army officers (not, as claimed by the left, “fascists”) had finally had enough. Allied with a real fascist group, the Falange, and conservative political parties, as well as the church, they struck back. The plan was to mount a coup and restore order. The failure of the uprising in critical cities including Madrid and Barcelona turned a military coup into one of the worst civil wars of the 20th century.
When the smoke cleared in 1939 the Nationalists, as they were called, had won total victory. The Republicans, as the Communist-dominated leftists were called, were forced to flee or face retribution. Mercy was not the order of the day.

Anybody who knows anything about Spanish culture could have predicted the results. Franco demanded individual punishment of every single person who had participated in atrocities against clerics or conservatives, as well as those who had aided or otherwise supported such actions. Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, were shot, and hundreds of thousands would serve prison sentences. It should be stressed that after the summary executions of the war years Franco insisted on trials for each and every Red. They may have been hasty and not overly impartial but Franco wanted to make an important point.

There is no such thing as the “collective”. We each have a soul and each one of us is responsible personally for our actions. This was a very deliberate response to the Communist claim to be acting in the name of history or some other impersonal force. Franco was having none of it.

Franco was a harsh master but he was astute. He understood the Communist mentality. In Orsini’s book, he relates how the Red Brigade terrorists demanded pardons and freedom from prison, using the excuse that their actions were part of the “collective” and thus they could not be judged as individuals. Franco would have smiled as he ordered them to the wall.

God forbid that our own disloyal fanatics drive us to civil war but if they do it would be well to remember the example of Franco. Every single ringleader must be held to account and every trimmer and turncoat politician, military man, police chief, and “intellectual” must face punishment. The mob may have a mind of its own but it is led by individuals. Remember that and note their names carefully. We will need that information before too long.

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