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erase Aunt Jemima

Pressure from the politically correct takes down another piece of history.

The Aunt Jemima brand of syrup and pancake mix will get a new name and image, Quaker Oats announced Wednesday, saying the company recognizes that “Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype.” Quaker, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, said removing the image and name is part of an effort by the company “to make progress toward racial equality.”

The History of Aunt Jemima Staff

In 1890, a former slave named Nancy Green was hired to be the spokesperson for Aunt Jemima brand food products.

Nancy Green was born into slavery in 1834 in Montgomery County, Kentucky. In 1889 the creators of Aunt Jemima, Charles Rutt and Charles Underwood, sold the company to R.T Davis, who soon found Nancy Green in Chicago. The previous owners had already agreed upon her ‘look’ of a bandanna and apron. Davis combined the Aunt Jemima look with a catchy tune from the Vaudeville circuit to make the Aunt Jemima brand.

Green’s identity was first uncovered at the Worlds’ Columbian Exposition in 1893. There were so many people interested in the Aunt Jemima exhibit, police were called for crowd control. Green served pancakes to thousands of people. People loved her warm personality and friendly demeanor, not to mention her cooking. Green was given an award for showmanship at the exposition.

As a result of her dedication, Aunt Jemima received 50,000 orders for pancake mix. Not only did flour sales soar, but Green received a lifetime contract to serve as spokesperson. She was a living legend of the brand until she died in a car accident in September 1923.

After Green’s passing, the owner of Aunt Jemima, R.T. Davis, experienced financial issues and the brand was sold to Quaker Oats two years later.

As for the image of Aunt Jemima, Nancy Green was followed by Anna Robinson, whose image was changed to a painted portrait on the packaging of the mix. Next was Chicago blues singer and actress Edith Wilson. She was the first Aunt Jemima to appear in television commercials.

After Wilson there was Ethel Ernestine Harper, a former school teacher and actress. The fourth Aunt Jemima was Rosie Hall who was an advertising employee at Quaker Oats until she discovered their need for a new Aunt Jemima. After she died, Hall’s grave was declared a historical landmark.

Next, there was Aylene Lewis. She made her first appearance of Aunt Jemima in 1955 at the Aunt Jemima restaurant at Disneyland. The last woman known to appear as Aunt Jemima publicly was Ann Short Harrington. Harrington would make television appearances as the brand spokesperson in the New York area …

All of them have just been ERASED by the politically correct thought police.

What were you crackers thinking?
That black women might be capable of making good pancakes??
And model as good cooks???

And another one bites the dust:

Hours after Quaker Oats said it would retire Aunt Jemima from packaging on its brand of syrup and pancake mixes because it’s “based on a racial stereotype,” the owner of Uncle Ben’s rice announced it planned to make changes.

“As a global brand, we know we have a responsibility to take a stand in helping to put an end to racial bias and injustices,” the Mars-owned brand said in a statement. “As we listen to the voices of consumers, especially in the Black community, and to the voices of our Associates worldwide, we recognize that now is the right time to evolve the Uncle Ben’s brand, including its visual brand identity, which we will do.”

The UNCLE BEN’S® Story

The makers of UNCLE BEN’S have a long, rich history of producing premium quality rice. The story of how the company came to be dates back to over 80 years ago in the USA. It all began with the development of the original CONVERTED Brand Rice by Erich Huzenlaub and Gordon Harwell. In 1942, Forrest E. Mars formed a partnership with the duo and they began supplying their high quality rice to the Armed Forces during WWII. Their unique method of parboiling rice ensured that the nutrients were locked in and the rice could be cooked more quickly than traditional rice. At the end of WWII in 1945, Mars and Huzenlaub opened the Houston rice mill in the USA.

In the late 1940’s, Gordon Harwell, one of the founders of Converted Brand Rice, and his partner were dining in their favorite Chicago restaurant. They were discussing how they were going to market their product to new customers, they began to discuss the legendary Texan farmer, Uncle Ben who was known for his exceptionally high quality rice. So right there and then, they christened their product Uncle Ben’s Converted Brand Rice. The face appearing on all Uncle Ben’s packaging is that of Frank Brown, a maitre d’hotel (head waiter) at an exclusive Chicago restaurant who agreed to pose for the Uncle Ben’s portrait.

BLM and their political police want to make sure we do not associate good rice with a black man.

The Shaw 54th Regiment Memorial, which stands across from the Massachusetts State House, recognizes the fist all-volunteer black regiment of the Union Army during the Civil War.

“A thousand men signed up just after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation” said Liz Vizza, executive director of Friends of the Public Garden. “These are men who, if they were captured in the south, would be enslaved or murdered. But this cause was so important to them, they signed up to go fight for their freedom.”

Somehow BLM finds this offensive … or simply for the joy of wrecking stuff they deface the memorial.

They made an even worse mess of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. The popular history taught to those who paid attention in government school says Abe freed the slaves. How does BLM find this objectionable?

They also grossly defaced the memorial to Abigail Adams – one of only two women to have been both wife and mother to two U.S. presidents (the other being Barbara Bush). Often separated from her husband due to his political work, the self-educated Abigail oversaw the family’s household and largely raised their four children on her own, all the while maintaining a lively lifelong correspondence with her husband on the political issues of the day. She was also famous for her early advocacy of several divisive causes, including women’s rights, female education and the abolition of slavery.

Are we really headed for a world where only plain white folks are allowed for branding purposes? Will a lily-white branding satisfy them? Of course not. They will immediately switch to demanding NO RACIST WHITE BRANDING.

Do they really want us to forget Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and George Washington Carver?

Will they be happy when nobody has a house, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom?

How about we help these mindless destroyers of anything and everything other than dirt and rubble move to a country where there are no evil buildings and monuments needing destruction?

Oh no! Not that!

Then what???

The deep truth behind all this manipulation of the mindless is The New World Order globalists. They have to destroy all countries, all regionalism, all culture in order to build their Brave New World with them as the only power, the only rulers over a mono-culture of their creation, with no options or escape for the peons below.