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Seattle’s disappeared

I’ve read about it in 3rd-world countries overtaken by revolutionaries, but we are not reading or hearing about the disappeared of Seattle … yet there are a huge number of them.

Six city blocks of prime Seattle now belong to Soros-funded revolutionaries, rebels, purposeless kids for hire … however you want to characterize them, they are unproductive bottom feeders who found a cause to inspire a few days of their lives.

Meanwhile six city blocks of trendy, popular businesses and high end dwellings have been taken over by unprincipled barbarians.

NEWS MEDIA RESPONSE: Absolute silence. These people and businesses ceased to exist.

Imagine you lived, worked or built a little business there. Your employment, residence and life’s work just evaporated.

Apparently nobody cares.

Welcome to The Expendables.


Put an exclamation mark on it:

Seattle Police Agree to Provide Concrete Barriers to Replace CHAZ Border Walls