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NYC nurse blows the lid off COVID

Regulars here know I was willing to buy the data when I had none better, but the truth has been working its way to the top.

The video I share today is a nuclear weapon to the official story. The story teller is an amazingly courageous nurse. She served as a USArmy nurse, in Iraqui hospitals, then in USofA hospitals, most recently temporarily assigned to the New York City hospital that is known as “The Epicenter of The COVID epicenter”.

What we have been hearing, reading on the subject has rarely been true. Watch this video for a bit. You will recognize TRUTH when you see it.

Not pretty, and very different from what we have been told. This is the story from inside one hospital, but it fits exactly with reports from hospitals coast-to-coast and around the world.

Overwhelm the dark forces with support and sharing of this. Her life may depend on it. Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of other lives may too – which is why she documented the situation with real video as well as her first-hand accounts.

The producers ask us to copy and share this video every way we can. It is SO POWERFUL, and so against The Deep State COVID narrative that taking it down has to be a very high priority for them. I’m doing my part.

That request sent me looking for another video-hosting platform. I simply asked DuckDuckGo for “free speech video hosting” to find Brighteon… and open up my account. The video above is the first at my new home. Watch, subscribe, help strengthen that link.