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video on Seattle’s warlord

The dupes of George Soros and company could not be playing into the Donald Trump Team’s hands any better than they are in Seattle, Minneapolis and many other places coast to coast. The best tactical move in the 4th-Generation-War (4GW) is to let the Mad Max imitation play out just long enough to destroy any credibility the anti-civilization movement might have gained in their theoretical arguments sold and supported by lamestream media, academia and leftist politicians.

While it may appear they are winning in some ways, They Are Not. This is helping re-elect Trump so strongly that it could almost be argued that his team rather than the desperate opposition is staging the show.

As I write, a “rap artist” is the official Seattle Center warlord with rape, hunger, violence and business shakedowns being signature elements. This does not win the hearts and minds of the meek. Let run just a bit longer and even the masked, mama’s-basement-dwelling soy-boys will celebrate their being brought to justice.

The burning and looting by Black Lives Matter is not going to win any popularity contests either.

The blatant racist elements of white lives don’t matter cannot be long ignored, though I have to admit that the soy-boys kneeling and washing black feet while their almost-English-speaking massas spit on them is an amazing scene.

The show is interesting.

The video below covers this territory and a whole lot more.

P.S. You might notice the commercially-produced “Seattle autonomous zone” sign that takes weeks to order and produce appeared within a couple days. In case you need it spelled out:

P.P.S. I just noticed the apparent typo in The Donald tweet: These people must be STOOPED immediately. His tweets do not have typos.