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Homeland Security’s violent armed gangs

From its very beginnings, the newspeak-named Department of Homeland Security set out on a trajectory to eliminate any feelings the little people of our country might have of security. Thirteen years ago during my brief career as a Idaho Department of Corrections CO the phrase “Officer safety is Job One” was being sold to our nation’s “criminal justice enforcers”.

Even a bit before that they stopped calling armed patrolmen “peace officers”, substituting “Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs)” in its place. There is a completely different world in the mindset of enforcing the laws our corrupt, self-serving “betters” create rather than working to keep the peace in our communities.

The engineers of these changes are, or thought they were closing in on achieving the objectives from those and other changes they initiated. It was clear to me seven years ago they wanted a lethal, responsive guards barrier between the ruling elite class and the worker bees. Now that they have more-or-less achieved that, I can see them setting up for the next step in their evolutionary scheme.

Their plan playing out now has widespread discomfort with jackboots on our necks moving us from a LEO class not fully separated from the communities that raised them, through a lawless phase where criminals run amok, to an enforcement class drawn from a male-only, religious-fanatic, barbaric, middle-ages-mentality brute cult whose unbridled base instincts reduce the rest of us to humble, frightened slaves.


It would have happened already but for that pesky Constitution and the Second Amendment in its integral Bill of Rights. The ironic thing is their rampant violence phase they put us in now is cementing our right to self-defense, family-defense and community defense. People are rushing to gun shops, buying their first firearm, and beginning to understand the laws implemented to prevent their ownership. The gun control effort has been set back a LONG WAYS!

Crushing our liberties just got A LOT HARDER.

The plotters and schemers did not quite understand the spirit, soul and strength of normies in this country. This failure is directly related to their successful censorship. Surrounded completely by their own rhetoric in political theater, academia and lamestream media, the breadth and depth of our growing discontent is now taking them by complete surprise.


Below are a couple of relevant links and briefs from my archives. If you are interested in more of either simply click the links.

you and I are the targets

… A Homeland Security supplier created a batch of “No Hesitation” targets that are a serious concern. Domestic Enforcers are being desensitized to shooting at regular everyday people. This, the psychos tell the enforcers, is to save lives. That is, the lives of You-the-enforcers. And, of course, what could be more important to the enforcers? …

An unavoidable side-effect of this trajectory will be the future depicted below for the Enforcers as their progeny wonder who created this Hell on Earth. The psychopaths and sociopaths on top will have face no recriminations or soul-searching during their lifetimes in this reality. But the brutes not protected by psychopathic shells will.


war stories

By Ted Dunlap, on February 21st, 2015

grandpa telling storiesWhat did you do in the war, Grampa?

Well …
I …
Uh …
I, uh,
I held the commoners down while the elites raped them.

What’s it going to be like in 30 years for those JBTs who spent the early part of the 21st Century cracking skulls, chemically spraying, gunning down and in so many other ways assaulting people who merely wanted to go about their lives?

How will the enablers explain their roles to offspring?

How will the NSA geeks who capture, record, orchestrate, manipulate and regurgitate everything we do put a proud face on the fascist world they created?


Step-by-step those who would far rather be on top of a dung heap rather than peers in Utopia build their dream world. The rest of us try vainly to live peaceful, productive, social lives undisturbed and without infringing on others. Our eyes see beauty in butterflies while their foul souls swell with pride smashing that butterfly into a gooey grease spot.

I have been writing on this for a while.

Searching my commentary blogs for “no hesitation” presents a list of times I used these horrid DHS-produced targets as an example of the future they are working to build.

Clear your sinuses.
The stink of their dreams precedes them.
The future is written all over their faces as they hatefully look at you, your family, neighbors and friends.