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settled science

Remember that one time when physicians didn’t believe in washing their hands before childbirth and infected & killed their patients?

The time they thought it was a good idea to treat hemorrhoids with hot irons or treat mental illness by removing a portion of the brain?

When they gave x-rays to pregnant women and disfigured babies by giving women with morning sickness thalidomide?

When they said Karo Syrup and milk powder were superior to breast milk?

Treated arthritis with arsenic, promoted smoking, infected millions of people with polio (i.e. the Cutter incident)…

Killed a bunch of people with Vioxx, said that glyphosate didn’t cause cancer, and believed that white sugar was an essential part of a healthy diet?

Thank goodness someone thought to question medical “science” or we would still be bloodletting people with leeches, treating a stutter by cutting off part of the tongue, spraying kids with DDT, and treating common ailments with poisonous mercury.

-Veronica Ivonne