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communities that don’t burn

I share a video describing a community whose members fireproofed it against ANTIFA, other agitators, and those manipulating them for agendas unfavorable to normal people – I consider you and I to be in the latter category, but I could define it more narrowly to be those who do not want to destroy other people’s life, liberty and property. The video is of a post-action report by a townie who along with many, many, many neighbors headed off a frighteningly well orchestrated attack. Without ANY violence from either side.

While not stressed, the two really spooky aspects of the assaults described are the tactical organization and the type of people running the operation that is steering the low-level rioters to a destructive power far beyond the reach of un-weaponized, unguided, ignorant mommie’s boys. The captains are clearly well versed in Fourth Generation Warfare and happy to apply those tools against peaceful, stable communities.

Those places that are burning do not have people like the ones in this video. Do not underestimate the threat. The destructive forces are not spontaneous, random or unguided. We are at war. Fourth Generation War just looks different than what we think of in using that term.

Incredibly, the bad guys sent some of their airhead youngsters into a well-prepared night-time defensive position carrying air-soft and paint-ball rifles. Fortunately a couple of the good guys were geared well enough, smart and courageous enough to approach the dupes, initiate a casual conversation whereupon the punks recognized REAL guns, REAL men and REAL purpose – triggering a hasty retreat.

The schemers had likely hoped for a headline

“Youths carrying toy guns shot by vigilantes”,

but the community defense system was better than that.

How much better, and why it was better are the two best reasons I can give you for watching this video all the way through. Communities this coherent are flameproof.

How does yours compare?

That question brings up several things I mentioned June 3rd in “I outran my supply train“, and fills out the picture described in my June 4th post “world rioting spider web“. In that second article I mention the relatively small community of Snohomish, Washington. The agitators targeted it, but the people there gave them a solid “No thank you”. As in the video above, without a shot fired, but a solid willingness to do so if needed.

Which brings me to a project I began working on shortly after arriving: Bitterroot Posse

This is a concept of good people from all walks of life working harmoniously with local law enforcement and other coordinated emergency services to maintain a strong, resilient community. A couple centuries ago a group with this level of coordination, planning and training would have been called “well regulated”, but that phrase in today’s usage of the English language would mean something else entirely. Avoiding words and phrases that have been deliberately destroyed, I call such organization “posse”, and in my area specifically, the “Bitterroot Posse“.

You can follow my links to see how such a thing might be done within a community. I make no claims as a tactical guy or experienced combat leader. I do not want to be out front or in any organizing position one moment past the arrival on scene of someone better equipped and inspired to organize a high-functioning neighborhood watch.

That is to say, I admit that even my organizational model is only that: my model. Some guy with special forces experience organizing community defense, real tactical training and greater gear knowledge would be welcomed with open arms and appropriate deference from me. That being said, however, you, I and the rest of us need to be fully alert and on guard against the possibility of a great leader in many other aspects heading in the wrong direction.

Trust and Trustworthy are probably the two most important elements in your community defense group.

Those two concepts cover a lot of turf.


Reminder: If they can get us to ask for martial law, they win. They will settle for having us ACCEPT martial law. Remember, they have plenty of Henry Kissinger’s “dumb, stupid animals to be used as tools” on their side… those guys the video mentions who were running things from the centrally-located cafe. Our side, on the other hand, has the Oath Keepers, the thoughtful, brightest, clever, and the honorable. That gives us the edge.