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world rioting spider web

Wow. A couple things came my way that indicate overwhelmingly the Fourth Generation Warfare aspects of the anything but spontaneous rioting and very unlikely-to-be-random destruction in their wakes.

More things pointing back to what I wrote about in my May 19th feature crushing Mom’n’Pop. This is a deliberate destruction of the 17 million small businesses in USA that constitutes 99.7% of employers, employs 52% of private workforce, and accounts for 40% of the GDP. It is economic warfare intending to destroy our culture, our country and our way of life.

People in cities where low-rent apartments are $2,000-$4,000 per month who get a $1200 “stimulus gift” from their government every 6 months are not particularly happy that they are broke, hungry and plummeting into insurmountable debt. While it may seem credible that they are stupid enough to burn their own neighborhoods down, evidence points to paramilitary-appearing, probably professional outsiders doing hit-and-run damage alongside Antifa thugs with Soros cash in their pockets creeping out of Mommy’s basement to stir up trouble downtown. The non-violent protesters are waking up, shutting them down, and/or turning the provocateurs over to law enforcement.

The current and past ruling parties both would LOVE to have the nation controlled by martial law. We are a heartbeat from that dream come true with the masses self-quarantining on command, mask-wearing virtue-signaling obedience while the rest are being electronically facial-recognition recorded as potentially troublesome. Most would prefer armed National Guard patrolling the streets to the violent looting and destruction playing out coast to coast … world-wide too.

The video below is a major analysis echoing in key ingredients of the one I featured June 1st from Bear Nation (Rioting and Civil Unrest – Special Report) and including fascinating, powerful fresh research and analysis.

This is rapidly shaping up into a very powerful alignment of forces bent on our destruction.
Information, that is real, quality, and widespread is our best defense.

An awful lot (double meaning here) of people are working feverishly to destroy the developed world in a big hurry. In typical spider-webby fashion the orchestrated ballet plays out for the ignorant, awe-struck audience.

The trigger cop was actually a 20-year rentacop who had worked with the victim in private security. Their fingerprints were all over mountains of forged FRNs … they were both players in a non-sanctioned US-Dollar forging operation. For some reason one of them fell out of favor and had to go. While the Feral Reserve has been counterfeiting dollars for over 100 years, these guys are not licensed to do so. Small scale forging is not okay among $3,000-suit financiers, but not so awful to people living on the mean streets.

The riots were planned, programmed, waiting a trigger… any trigger would do.
Protests are heated up to provide cover for business infrastructure destruction.
Cops are pictured unloading bricks in prime locations ahead of the “protests”.
Pallets of bricks mysteriously delivered to the heart precede the riots.
Soros and other filthy money went heavy into an amalgamation of Dayton’s, Hudson’s, Marshall Field’s, and Mervyn’s, changing the conglomeration’s name to TARGET in 2000.
The first TARGET of looting was what major chain?
City center residents are beginning to react negatively to the out of area provocateurs.
Even ghetto residents are beginning to see they are being played.

There are many other really sick jokes on us in this current mess, and a very ugly trajectory facing us.

I want the boots on the cockroaches rather than our necks.

It is almost as if they fear their days are numbered; their time is running out and they are like a desperate, dying animal thrashing about in its death throes. This is time to stay away from that monster’s violent movements until the last breath of life is gone.

Takes me back to the advice from May 30th: Will big city violence reach you?

Be like the people of Snohomish, Washington.

They don’t need no stinking national guard.

– Ted –