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Will big city violence reach you?

A couple lifetimes ago I was a reader of Mother Earth News, which was if not first, at the very least quite early into what we might now call the prepper or back-to-nature lifestyle. I have been moving in fits and starts that direction ever since. While not quite Ruby Ridge, which didn’t work out all that well for the Weaver family, I am in a relatively good place. But the question rural dwellers should occasionally ponder is my headline here.

The California missions were built 25 miles apart which was considered a day’s journey on foot. I learned that on primary school tours to Mission San Francisco Solano in Sonoma, California. I note today online that they are now 30 miles apart which was considered one day on horseback. I suppose we walk slower than they did in 1800 and Mapquest cannot take the straight path that was available then. Thus the most we can expect the Zombie Horde to travel on foot is that 25 miles – per day. That is quite a ways in a week, assuming they have water, inspiration and stamina.

Mother Earth News used to recommend over one tank of gas from any big city. Now we are talking 300 miles or more, but that assumes a full tank to start with, or somehow refilling along the way.

Topography plays a big role too. Nobody is walking 204 miles from Boise to Arco Idaho across the extremely rugged, very dry Craters Of The Moon. Native Americans used the routes dodging that feature to harvest goodies from European/American pioneers. It is reasonable to expect that bit of human nature will come back with the demise of our efficient, well-oiled supply chain. Caravans, convoys and wagon trains evolved for good reasons.

If the professional provocateurs successfully gut the big cities, what can we expect next?

For one, I do not expect investment in rebuilding. Who in their right mind would spend real money to replace the stores that were looted, demolished and burned in a matter of days? Residents of those neighborhoods will quickly run out of the Gordon’s Gin and Ding-Dongs they stole during the rush. No point in hanging out in their devastated war zone.

Notice the spec-ops ear bud on this “rioter”

We could simply draw rings around today’s map of false flag riot zones to predict where the pillaging is headed.

Effective roadblocks covering all routes from there to here (wherever your here is) are not easily erected or maintained. Look at your local map.

The answer to “Who could do that?” is rather obvious. Martial law.

Which brings another question to mind: What does the supply chain to your sweet little town look like? Those semi-trucks don’t have to go through any major cities on the way, do they? Oops.

Dang. This could get ugly in a hurry.


Here is a little timeline I will share.
Lamestream media has been neutered.
Three impeachment efforts each failed.
DARPA virus didn’t stick to Trump either.
Democrat states shutting down didn’t get him blamed either.
Election fraud is widely reported – exposed – May not work this time.
The pedophile and pervert party likely recognizes their zero percent chance of winning.
I am not alone in considering the possibility of NO November election.

Now we have staged civil breakdown.

There is NOTHING they won’t do to hang onto power and complete their New World Order dream.

The other side has similar limits.

Only a teenaged girl likes being fought over. I’d prefer they both just let us BE.