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May you live in interesting times

“May you live in interesting times” is an English expression which purports to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse. While seemingly a blessing, the expression is normally used ironically; life is better in “uninteresting times” of peace and tranquility than in “interesting” ones, which are usually times of trouble.

The path this world is on is definitely getting interesting.

This morning I find that a rerun of the gay Kenyan is being put forward as the Democratic Party candidate they intend to promote as the 46th president of the united states. Creepy Joe promised us a female running mate. I suppose it is all the same to him.

Joe’s dementia is getting more difficult for the lamestream media/political team to obscure. It is widely accepted that Biden is a place holder to be replaced by the Vice President shortly after the election. I think this is a first – interesting for certain.

Barry’s rap sheet goes on for pages. Public execution is on the lawful resolution list numerous times. Joe’s is no better. Out of Three Hundred Million people in this country, the best possible Big D candidates are treasonous, psychopathic, felons who wouldn’t recognize TRUTH if it bit them in the, uh, face. How could this be a major political party? A relative handful of blindfolded Kool-Aid drinkers bob their heads enthusiastically while the great middle is beginning to wander away. Fascinating.

The Donald J. Trump show has been interesting and amusing for three years. Draining The Swamp has been promised with small and medium fries getting picked off and picked on here and there, but the creepiest creatures are still bellowing about in the muck and slime. The enemies of he and we seem to have been shooting blanks and dummy rounds at him for a thousand days with the apparent effect of making him stronger with each shot taken.

I have at times celebrated alongside his enthusiastic fans, but am now a mere spectator in the cheap seats munching on the popcorn. I still figure a swamp draining to be possible, but I am saving my voice for cheering visible results.

It appears that a bioweapon was unleashed immediately after the last impeachment attempt failure, but the Trump Team knew it was coming and how the instigators planned to play it. Thus while they sling mud at him for everything about the DARPA Virus, there seems to be a giant fan blowing it back into their faces while he remains unsullied by the fiasco.

This whole Corona thing seems to have been a major game changer that was brought onto the playing field before it was ready… apparently a Do-or-Die, Hail-Mary effort to unseat The Donald this November. It is entirely possible this premature exhibition was a head-fake buying time to complete development and deployment of a really lethal version.

Democratic Party governors, mayors and other petty self-important criminals are exercising their best Tin-Pot-Dictator imitations that warm the cockles of their fawning fans, but pisses everyone else off BIGLY. If the pitchforks and hanging ropes don’t get them first, the upcoming election is on trajectory to be a crushing rout, perhaps even the end of the Democrat Party.

Abe Lincoln’s election 150 years ago was the last time one of the two major political parties in this country disappeared. In that case, the Whig Party simply renamed itself. It is not going to be like that this time.

Those who are planning to rule The New World Order have fractured Earth’s human cultures into thousands of antagonistic, intolerant sub-groups they figure will be easily conquered. In the USofA their creation of rabid socialists, blacks, muslims, hispanics, gays, transgenders, intellectuals, fourth generation welfare professionals, brown shirts antifa, global warmists, vaccers, militant vegans, soy boys, big-pharma lovers/haters, pro/anti-prohibition, pedophiles, groomers, traditional families, pro/anti-abortion, homeschoolers, common-core eaters, self-defensers, anti-gunners, drones, patriots, GMO-swallowers, organic gardeners, red/blue-pillers …

None of these frenzic particles associate with the others. In every little, isolated pool of True Believers, they feel like a majority; like they represent the great masses who would eagerly embrace the peculiarity of their favorite aberration if only given an opportunity.

What the globalists did not get right is their use of the Democrat Party to execute most of their divisiveness. The result is more like a pool of puke than a melting pot. When the November election destroys future hopes for the Democrats, a dozen or two little parties will form up. Each convinced that their core driving force represents the national will. This will make the Libertarians and Greens look like BIG DOGS on the demographic maps.

The Divide-And-Conquer strategy probably fell apart when Donald Trump became the Republican presidential candidate. The Bush Dynasty was quite happy to participate in the cultural shattering program, attacking the little people with as much enthusiasm as the Democrats.

Coalescing under Donald’s umbrella is a huge crowd who are really tired of being reigned on.

Ah, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

Economic collapse is a flip-of-the-switch away. The world economy is plummeting. It could enter Free Fall at any time. The prop of printing money ALWAYS ends badly. This time will be no exception. The unbacked currencies everyone is familiar with will turn to dross.

Food shortages are expanding around the globe. Crop failures are being joined with distribution failures and deliberate destruction,

The PlanDemic wave of totalitarianism that swept the globe in a couple months is being followed by waves or resentment and resistance that are growing quite strong at this time.

World War is a hiccup or trigger pull away, yet the little people of the world are not interested in that program. Could this be the time they threw a war and nobody came? On the other hand, there are some really big guns that could inflict total global change in a blink with no peasant action required or desired.

Mandatory vaccination for all peasants is near the top of their WANT LIST. The syringes with individual identifying microchips are already being built. They don’t have anything otherwise useful to put in them, but the actual vaccine is secondary. Many independent researchers expect nano-bots, genetic modification, virus and other degradatory toxic control elements to be in the final injection. For a HUGE SLICE of the population, forced vaccination is GAME ON… not a civil war, but a revolutionary war.

It will be a heckuva show.

The trick will be to pretend your life doesn’t depend on it.

We are just a speck of sand, a blink of dust in the millennium.

Don’t take it too seriously.


By the way, I am fully aware that I twisted, tweaked and tortured the English language. I didn’t merely pun around, I frapp├ęd that sucker, but did it with a generous spirit and a smile on my face. Don’t take it too seriously.