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This is the explosive interview between Brian Rose and David Icke that got David Icke banned on Youtube. Please share and spread this banned broadcast, and prove to the world that no information can be suppressed and no conversation can be silenced.

Banned by YouTube. Banned by Facebook. Banned by Twitter. Flies off an elephant’s back to these people. The truth tellers have created several replacement channels of their own that do not shrink back from TRUTH, that does not enforce the globalist one-world-government agenda.

At some point in the show, David explained how George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and others did such an amazingly accurate job of predicting in the late 1940s and 1950s what would be happening 70, 80, and 90 years later. Our enemies, the ruling elite, are extremely long-term schemers. Decades before the technology is even imagined by the rest of us, the pyramid-toppers are dreaming it up and, more importantly, how to exploit it to control the masses. Huxley and Orwell tripped over the plans, schemes and dreams and found a way to warn us… if we pay attention.

Open your eyes, your ears, your mind and your heart.

It is an interesting picture, much of which I have read, heard and understood from multiple sources, but this video assembles it into an impressive package. It even covers what is real in the Coronavirus world.

We may have understood a pyramid of power with Bill Gates promoting a vaccine agenda worldwide (with numerous, published ill effects on humanity). We get that George Soros us arranging cultural genocide globally. Al Gore won’t quit with the Global Warming assault on personal economic survival. Obama spearheaded racial strife and Muslim invasion.

What they all have in common, along with many others including the rulers of most nations, is they were allowed extreme levels of money and power in exchange for playing their role at the top of each sub-pyramid. All of those pyramids fit underneath, within a much bigger, long-term OVERARCHING PYRAMID intended to crush us all placing the elites, protected by an unquestioning palace guard, ruling over the enslaved masses.

This interview discusses the pyramid those at the top would have us all live under… at the bottom. While the elites are making great progress, so are we. All we have to do is walk away. They are done.

How do we do that?

The video is lengthy, but it covers a lot of important turf. Even if you watch the first bit only, you will be glad you did. I expected to watch it in pieces, but ended up unwilling to step away. YMMV

Love is the absence of fear. Evil is the absence of love.

Love is doing what you know to be right without regard to consequences.

Once you begin to open to and access intuitive information, you lose the fear.

The awakening of humanity is happening, and is inevitable.

Doing what we know to be right …
has power that is insurmountable.