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What’s your favorite indoor activity?

The May issue of the Costco Connection magazine has an article asking and answering that question. Adults will notice that one obvious answer is not in there… got me thinking that the question perhaps should have been:
What is your second-favorite indoor activity?

I rate the answers they published to their question as winners and losers:
Practicing drums and marimba
Playing with cat

Trying to stay out of my wife’s hair

The losers are the type of people who die within the first year of their retirement from a lifetime of employment that gave them their sense of value.

The winners have real lives. Their income source may or may not be fulfilling, and rewarding, but they keep it in perspective. Life, our time in these mortal vessels, should be much bigger than 60 years of punching a timeclock, driving a TV remote or thumbing a cell phone.

I am reminded of my 10-year high school reunion where the organizers had us write on our name tags what we did for a living. That was the wrong question. A much better one would have been some version of What do you enjoy? Imagine how much more interesting and animated the conversations would have been.

If you are reading this, it is certainly not too late to develop hobbies, activities, tools, skills and talents that are creative and rewarding.