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incoming bribes

Payola nearly always flows TO the politicians. That is their primary source of income. Today the graft came TO US from the politicians.

If only I didn’t understand economics. I could be happy with this little “gift” and grateful to the benevolent rulers who sent me spendable electrons.

Problem #1: The billionaire club got most of the money – business as usual. The upper 1% got 99% of the “stimulus money”, as they are calling it this time, while the bottom 99% received 1% of it. That little spit divided among 300 million of us is HUSH MONEY – pure and simple.

Problem #2: Every existing dollar in cookie jars, bank accounts or wherever little people stash their cash is now worth less than it was before a hundred railroad cars full of money blew onto the scene… or should I say “throw money out of helicopters if we need to” … referencing the famous Federal Reserve Chairman quote.

If you do not know what Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Wiemar Republic and ancient Rome have in common, you are about to experience what made them famous. We might call this The Great Depression On Steroids.

On the other hand, if you do understand what is coming, you can wisely figure out the best course of action for your household.

From this day forward, the dollar is going to be worth less, and less, and less … losing value gradually at first, but the downhill acceleration will surprise, amaze and frighten nearly everybody. The bottom line is ZERO, and it will get there.

Phrased another way, strictly from the dollar’s point of view, STUFF is going to cost more and more and more with price increase acceleration that will surprise, amaze and frighten nearly everybody.

Your savings: * POOF *

Your pantry will deserve a vault door.

My generation was raised with “the Puritan Work Ethic” imbued in us, along with the corollary of having extensive savings in a bank for rainy days, long winters or worse.

Those are losers in a hyper-inflated economy.

Spend your dollars while they still have value.

Think about the things you need today, tomorrow, next week and next month. Buy them as far in advance as you possibly can.

Whatever you do, don’t call it “Prepping”. Nothing but trouble in that word.
Instead, consider it to be
planning ahead
Boy Scout…

I dunno. Find some word that makes it seem like a good idea for you household.

Having skills and tools will be another important element in the near future. Gear up.