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I am a news hound. Not the mainstream media propaganda machine, but news that has a chance of being correct. I share my favorite sources with you here.

In every case, you have to think about what you are reading, seeing and hearing. It should be quite obvious to you that modern media tools can make anything appear to be other than it really is. We cannot even believe our eyes and ears. That is good exercise for our brains.

Use your head for something besides a hat rack.

The silicon valley Internet giants are every bit as bad as the lamestream media monolith. They are deliberately censoring information outside of their agenda. Worse, their agenda is deliberately bad for us. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Snopes, and a dirty dozen more are working against you.

I know it takes effort. Liberty isn’t as easy as slavery.

On to my list…

Participatory Information Sources


A social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.

This is my starting point every day. It was founded by Silicon Valley engineers who began to hate the manipulation by the social media platforms where they worked. Andrew Torba in particular went long … brave and bold to build a replica that did not do that. You may use it free of charge, but their funding rather than coming from selling information about you comes from donations. Go PRO to help. You can find me there under my own name. Stop by and say “Hi”.

They had barely handled all the bombs tossed at them from The Giants before they ran off and made a web browser that circumvented the spying and censorship of Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera and a few others. Either you pay for the product, or you ARE the product. In this case, Torba and friends ask you to pay for it as soon as you are willing and able, but recognize it better be free for those testing the waters.


The Dissenter web browser is built for The People, not advertisers. Block Big Tech ads and trackers by default. Discover a comment section on every URL online. Welcome to the free speech internet.

As soon as they got their GAB alternative social media platform running, they took on the issue of web browsers. The gorillas in that realm, Windows Exploder, Googoo Chrome, Opera, Safari and others control, restrict and track users Internet experience. The Gab team built one that does not. Dissenter Blocks Big Tech ads and trackers by default.

We respect your privacy. We really do.
Your personal information is never for sale.
We use and disclose information to prevent people from abusing our platform.
We never disclose information for any other reason unless required by law.

VOAT is a very different social media and news platform. I do not recommend it for the delicate or those who prefer only one side of a story. To appreciate what it does offer, you have to learn to avoid [or appreciate] its seamy side and to analyze claims to discern fact from fiction. Participants UPvoat and DOWNvoat posts and comments. Enough downvoats will remove spammers and non-credible participants. This is a rough-and-tumble alternative to censorship teams and biased administrators.

Along with some of the best investigative reporters in the world are full-time staffs of various propaganda ministries working to throw us off the path of truth and understanding. Among the enemy techniques is to join a conversation that is not suiting The Deep State well and posting graphic porn to discredit the thread. We quickly jump on them with DOWNVOATS, forcing them to create new users over and over. We seem to be winning.

It is not as easy as sitting back and letting someone just pour stuff into our heads, but more truth is available on VOAT than all mainstream media combined.

Take back control of your social media A place to have open conversations and bring people together. Free your mind and get paid for creating content, driving traffic and referring friends.

When GAB started up, and began growing at a prodigious rate, the controllers of existing social media and information monopolies recognized a serious threat. They attacked in multiple ways forcing the GAB team to find hosting, banking and other resources outside power-broker control. Some of the attacks took GAB offline for extended periods. MINDS was the recommended alternative source for information on the status of GAB. Many of us stayed there too.

I find it to be not as busy as the others, but more refined.

The Mental Militia Forums

This used to be a lot more active than it is now. A few prolific contributors moved on and a couple of my favorite friends left their mortal existence behind. It is open, clean and honorable. Worth a looksee. I continue to visit irregularly as Slidemansailor.


This is designed and maintained to be a professional contact site. Political discourse is limited. Much of the activity is about professional connections, job creation, marketing and such. You can find me in subgroups like Oath Keepers, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, Amateur Radio Enthusiast, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian Party where non-commercial conversations take place. We are all there under our own names.



Passive Information Sources

American Thinker

Lew Rockwell

Natural News

Originally Russia Today, this source is certainly no more biased, and I find it less biased than the mainstream media dominating my country. The articles and shows are very professionally produced and reporters are on location all over the world.

Gab Trends
Gab’s news sources and ratings are user-driven. These articles top the charts with readers who are not channelized by lamestream media.

Western Rifle Shooters
They link to a lot of interesting, valuable articles though I often dislike their more cryptic descriptions, or non-descriptions as the case may be.

Zero Hedge
Gotta love their byline: On a long enough timeline the survival rate of everyone drops to zero.


Proton Mail

Secure Email Based in Switzerland – Secure Your Communications with ProtonMail

Not fitting the above categories, but worth mentioning is an e-mail service with the famous Swiss sensitivity for privacy. This is a website you must visit to read and send e-mails. It cannot reside on your computer – because it decrypts as your view it and encrypts for storage and transmission.

While dramatically reducing the number of organizations capable of reading your mail, do not assume The Big Boys have not figured it out… I don’t recommend using it for planning an overthrow of The Deep State.

I have a large number of sources I visit less regularly than the above. I will not clutter this post with them, but I order in categories of LOCAL, NEWS SHOWS, WEEKLY and share here anything particularly intriguing or exciting that I come across.

Then the most important part of my news cycle: Take Time Outs. It is easy to slide into a pattern of giving news research and absorption far too much of a day, day-after-day. Gotta not do that. The News does not change all that fast.