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musical interlude

This is the ultimate child prodigy – the real thing. Take a break and enjoy this show.

Mozart Piano Concerto No 3 in D major is a lovely piece, but to watch a 5-year-old smoke it out on a grand piano is an amazing treat.

While 20 adult musicians read and play their parts off sheet music, the diminutive Russian holds it all in his head.

More amazing is the power this little guy puts into the keyboard. His tone, articulation, rhythm, timing and feel are as good as any adult I can imagine playing this piece.

And DO STAY for the encore. He is clearly enjoying this short piece.

Observe the audience reaction. Were this in the USofA a handful of simpleton boys in man bodies would be dog whistling for minutes after this lovely, sensitive musical performance. In the rest of the world that is considered to be rude, jeering, expressing strong disapproval of the person or act. Stylistically and culturally I suppose I am more European than Ozarks.

… he’s probably neither gifted nor talented at video games and cell phones …