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celebrating love and being loved

My Pandora subscription approaches the variety my musical tastes require… I still need other sources as I am the direct opposite of a Top 40 or Top 20 kind of guy. Hearing the same rendition of the same tune twice in one three-week period is redundant and tedious to me.

That is my musical [prude] side. I have been living in music pretty-much my whole life. My brain is wired for it. No training or lessons can change those fundamentals, but I do understand my abnormalities … and either forgive myself for them or don’t give a rip about others’ opinions … mood dependent.

Smokes! I did some wandering there. What I started to share was a look at a Paul Desmond album cover that was on my Pandora screen while music from the album played. This is what commercial art looked like fifty years ago. What do you see here?

That is a LOVED woman.

If you have never put that face on your partner … You have missed something important.

Before I further influence your opinion of the composition, GO BACK UP and look at it yourself.

Naked, porn, erotic, sexy and love are not interchangeable.

Kissing and kissable are every bit as exciting as the acts sometimes following.

In 1968 graphic artists had taste. Sixty years later … not so much … or not at all.

Unfortunately, one more example of the dumbing-down we have been assaulted with. Escapees are rare and should be treasured.

Grapes, wine, tiger stripe blankets, huge padded play area, soft knit clothes, plenty of pillows, subtle female contours, inward-looking eyes … Okay, I will go focus on the most erotic part: That Smile. It speaks volumes. If you cannot hear it, you are not listening.