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Google may have 10,000,000 votes in November

That is a ridiculous number, but is entirely possible according to Dr. Robert Epstein in his testimony before the US Senate.

In this video, Senator Ted Cruz methodically and carefully has this very qualified psychologist unambiguously explain that Zuckerberg, one man, can move at least 2.4 million, to perhaps over 10 million votes on election day. In case YouTube removes the video for non-conformance to The Globalist Agenda, I put a copy at my Vimeo channel. My insurance copy is embedded below.

Do not use Googoo.

For web searches, DuckDuckGo
does not manipulate the results for political purposes.
Privacy, simplified.

YouTube controllers are on the same Globalist team. Their policies and manipulation support the same nefarious agenda. Do what you can to support the alternatives that are cropping up. On the other hand, I do respect those who continue to post content contrary to The Bilderberg Group agenda. Thus I share my YouTube channel source for the above video … while it lasts.