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A million new gun owners

Those sitting on the fence, and those blissfully unaware of arguments about self defense weapons have had a wake-up call as civil society shows signs of potentially being distinctly un-civil. Other than the rabidly anti-gun crowd professionals and their puppets, the uninterested and ignorant are gearing up for a day when ugly people show up to confront soft targets.

It is being widely reported that violent convicts are being released from jails and prisons while court systems are shut down, police agencies are overtaxed, understaffed, and simply turning blind eyes to criminal behaviors other than murders and safe-space violations.

Combine this with spikes in unemployment, gaps in supplies and an increasingly confrontational culture, people who have never considered defense of family, home and hearth to be a personal project are re-evaluating their previous stance.

The anti-gun lobby is devastated. They recognize the loss of the great middle upon which hope of victim disarmament rested. The crowd that was previously unaware of pro- and anti-gun arguments, legislation and bureaucratic harassment suddenly came face-to-face with what the anti-gun lobby had already accomplished.

New gun owners found how difficult it was to purchase guns and ammo.

Hope of greater disarmament is evaporating. Worse for them, those recently introduced to the many hurdles already between honest people and their access to effective defense tools are likely to shift their support to rollbacks of the more onerous ones.

– Ted –

Nothing Makes Gun Grabbers Angrier Than Hundreds of Thousands of New American Gun Owners
from The Truth About Guns

When Americans became concerned about their safety, they reacted by taking responsibility for their own safety. Governors and mayors emptied jails and police departments were affected by infection, thinning the ranks of those who keep communities safe.

Rather than be a victim, Americans voted with their feet and with their wallets. Many retailers reported the bulk of these buyers were first-time gun buyers. Weeks ago, these were people who maybe never considered owning a gun. The gun control argument was esoteric. It didn’t apply.

But that changed when the gun buyers were faced with a new reality. Gun control debates quickly went from something rhetorical to existential. Personal and family safety became a real concern and they took responsibility.

More than 2.3 million background checks were conducted for the sale of a firearm in March. That’s the biggest month on record.