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David Icke asks, “Is There A virus?” … following with a stunning answer.

He is a sharp guy, well connected and a thorough researcher. His funny British accent attests to the fact he has lived his life in a more fetid swamp than our worst, The District of Criminals.

Tonight I watched a bombshell video that credibly brings to question the very foundation of our current crisis and the COVID-19 diagnosis itself. What if the test design and application were rigged to make other things qualify as Pandemic Of The Month … and pad the numbers to feed their agenda?

David reiterates what I have read from many other sources: Why are death rates region-after-region, nation-upon-nation UNCHANGED by all these Corona Virus deaths? You can go anywhere you want with this question, but there is a strong possibility that other causes of death are now being attributed to COVID-19 to grossly inflate their favorite pandemic numbers.

I was reminded of the post I made March 18th, A most convenient virus. As David Icke says in his video, “This Ticks All The Boxes” for the New World Order psychopaths.

I do not automatically buy what David and others are selling, but it passes the smell test – it smells like the truth – it is consistent with other credible sources – it is contrary to other incredible (not credible) sources, including all the regular New World Order shills.

I encourage you to watch this very soon. Shouting out loud that “The Emperor Has No Clothes” seems to get videos removed from YouTube in a big hurry. The last one of his I was encouraged to watch gave me this response:

This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

Too much truth is bad for business.