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state of The Virus in Montana

Two weeks ago I shared insight into what the DARPA Virus was and was not in my post: virus not Made In China nor is it natural. The swift and unprecedented reaction by rulers around the globe implied foreknowledge of the unnatural, engineered virulence of this bug. I won’t repeat the evidence here – click that link for the back story.

Searching this website for “virus” reveals a significant number of articles on the subject. I have said all along that the reaction by lamestream media and politicians will be a guaranteed horror; the virus itself a maybe.

In Ravalli County, Montana the odds of coming in contact with someone who has tested positive for THE VIRUS is one out of every 20,106 people you meet (0.000050). Missoula County is much riskier at one out of every 9,948 people you meet (0.000101). You have to meet and greet ten or twenty thousand people to find one with the dreaded disease.

Yet business, recreation and socialization have been shut down *SLAM*.

The world is teetering on the brink of The Greatest Global Financial Crash In History.

Police state expansion has been instantaneous. Liberty was flushed in an eye-blink. Universal basic income not only appeared almost immediately, it has been widely accepted by eager outstretched hands. Massive money printing out of thin air sets off alarm bells among those trained in the Austrian Economic School. Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Germany’s Wiemar Republic, The Fall of Rome … Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

TEOTWAWKI The End Of The World As We Know It is guaranteed to be interesting.

We get ring-side seats, belay that, we get to be on the playing field for The Biblical Flood.

How we respond, whether we and our family survives, our creativity, strength and honor during this trial will be the yardstick, the measure of our whole lives. Don’t blow it.

It has been interesting in a way to have been days, weeks or even further ahead of the rush. Of course we do not have nearly enough of darn-near anything, but we have not, on the other hand, felt a compulsion to join the Last-Minute Lizzies stripping the store shelves of toilet paper, bottled water, frozen food, guns, ammo or whatever else the televisions have told people to rush out and buy en-mass.

Of course Day-Late-Denny is furious with Last-Minute Lizzie for being ahead of him and joins lamestream media and politi-critters in chanting “Death To The Preppers” … actually, they usually use the pejorative term “Hoarders”.

Since LBJ’s Great Society in 1963, if not long before, the globalist long-term plotters have broken down harmonious, productive, creative civil society in this country and much of the world. “Aid to families with dependent children”, by design, moved fathers out of the household so their mates and children could be on the dole. “Women’s Liberation” turned children into wards of the state. The US Department of Education’s primary mission has been the universal dumbing-down of our school system. College debt for degrees in worthlessness is the common enslavement of the generation that should be at its peak productivity.

I have to keep reminding myself that it is not the parasitic class at the top to blame for all this. It is the great mass in the middle who allowed it to happen – who offered their mushy, lazy brains, their future and their heritage to the charlatan predator class.


Perhaps not this year, but it really cannot continue on this trajectory for much longer.

Do I fear “the virus”? No
Do I fear the reaction? No
Do I fear TSHTF? No
Am I ready for it? No
Do I trust my versatility and improvisation skills? Yes

Moreover, I have had a good run on Earth in this mortal body. It could have ended long ago and still been okay. It nearly did several times, but The Cosmos said, “Not yet”.

It is all okay.

Above all, I hope we find peace within ourselves.

The better ones will.