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Seattle – the heart of darkness

Seattle winters are damp, dark and depressing in normal years. March is their peak suicide season. This one is much worse. Seattelites are more depressed, angry, afraid and testy than they usually are in this emotionally dark season.

All of their warm-feely-huggy policies are biting back in big ways. They welcomed world travelers into a major port city, cruise line home bases and international airline hub. They also threw out the welcome mat for refugees from anywhere and everywhere, invaders posing as refugees, homeless, drug addicts, pushers, gangs and welfare queens.

Combining cause and effect, their Pacific Paradise is second only to New York as ground zero for the COVID-19 virus. In response the jails, prisons, courts and police are cutting the criminal class loose so they don’t catch and spread the plague while in custody … to a limited, captive audience.

Instead these people with no morals, zero empathy and without future beyond the current moment are running all over the Seattle metropolitan area sharing their physical and emotional diseases with four million people. History is full of rat infestations spreading plagues throughout unclean populated centers. This is not much different.

One of the talismans some use attempting to deter criminal entry into their homes is putting a sign on their front door:

Kind-of a modern Passover: “… and three days of darkness, culminating in the slaying of every firstborn son by an avenging angel. The Israelites, however, mark the doorframes of their homes with lamb’s blood so that the angel of death will recognize and “pass over” each Jewish household…”

The COVID signs are probably not overly effective warding off people with no imagination about future, danger, or social responsibility. I suspect a large dog in combination with a pump shotgun would work better.

Police nation-wide are reducing the number of interactions with scofflaws they used to entertain, and not much interested in inspecting the papers of those they do chat with. The criminal response is rather easily predicted. Which, of course explains the rush to gun ownership, including those who were rabidly anti-gun until this little Come To Jesus situation came up.

We have some nice relatives giving us regular reports from Seattle metro. They are smarter, wiser, and slightly better equipped than the average Seattelite, but still living very much in a bad situation.

It brings to mind a book I read on assignment in junior high English Literature class: Heart of Darkness.