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How Globalization and the Mainstream Media have Facilitated the COVID-19 Pandemic

The message below came to me as an e-mail from Matrix Productions. I simply reformatted it for my blog. You can watch the trailer for Mainstream by clicking on the link built into the headline.

I did, and based on that plus my supreme satisfaction with the movies from that studio that I already own, I added the two featured here to my collection. Well, I ordered them to be in my hands very soon.

While I don’t feel so financially flush that I could contribute significantly to their movie production expenses, the least I could do is purchase the product as a way of support and thanking them for the work they do.

I encourage you to click the link, watch the trailer on YouTube, then come back here to follow the link at the bottom to Matrix Productions movie page where you can read synopsis for each of their movies. All are hugely informative, and superbly produced.

– Ted


Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Promote the Globalist Agenda

Written & Directed by James Jaeger
Inspired by Works of John Cones

We are offering these two DVDs to explain how CULTURAL MARXISM influences and corrupts the MAINSTREAM Media.

You will never see either of these DVDs promoted by the Mainstream Media because they have been blacklisted by the executives and agents that control the major studios and networks.

These two DVDs explain how the Hollywood movies and the New York media are pushing the Globalist Agenda. The Globalist Agenda means an “interconnected” multi-cultural world, where countries lose their independence.

The problem with an interconnected world is it violates the universal principal of redundancy. Thus the socio-political policy of “globalization” has placed the world at risk.

The COVID–19 pandemic we are currently experiencing is the result of excessive globalization, interconnectedness and a lack of independent, redundant systems.

Think of how many virus-contaminated crates, filled with millions of outsourced-products from places like China, arrive at American ports every day. All because multinational corporations want to increase their profits through the process of “globalization” and “free trade”. In other words, you can thank your congressmen for NAFTA, GATT and the WTO.

Before the current virus struck, Americans were infected with a social-engineering virus known as “cultural Marxism.”

CULTURAL MARXISM, the movie, explains how a group of Marxist theoreticians — known as the “Frankfurt School” — plotted the corruption of nations and have undermined the U.S. Movie Industry, Network News, Academia and even the Clergy – thus opening the door for “globalization.”

MAINSTREAM zeros in on the Hollywood movies and the New York Media to explain exactly how Cultural Marxist social-engineering technologies are being used on the American People to inculcate them into accepting virus-facilitating Globalization.

Get CULTURAL MARXISM – The Corruption of America and the 2-DVD set of MAINSTREAM – How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media are Promoting the Globalist Agenda and you will have the full picture.
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