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incoming bribes

Payola nearly always flows TO the politicians. That is their primary source of income. Today the graft came TO US from the politicians. If only I didn’t understand economics. I could be happy with this little “gift” and grateful to the benevolent rulers who sent me spendable electrons. Problem #1: The billionaire club got most of the money – business as usual. The upper 1% got 99% of the “stimulus money”, as they are calling it this time, while the bottom 99% received 1% of it. That little spit divided among 300 million of us is HUSH MONEY – pure and simple. Problem #2: Every existing dollar in cookie jars, bank accounts or wherever little people stash their cash is […]

Corona Rebellion warming up

We are reading and hearing of it more and more. The outrageously padded numbers bring EVERYTHING reported into question. The hospitals are being paid an EXTRA $3,000 to $40,000 for EACH patient they are willing to list as POSSIBLY HAVING the dreaded COVID-19. For that kind of money USofA hospitals will list them as frogs or any other dang thing. What is the most expensive modern building in any city? Hospitals are money-machines. Their CEOs are all millionaires. What business are they in. (hint: $$$) Whatever rules the banksters make up, hospital administrators are willing to comply with, endorse, support and take advantage of. The scariest part of this news-dominating scare is how quickly and easily everybody fell into line […]

Are you sick yet?

I don’t know about you, but I and most of the people I know are SICK OF IT. This political football that stumbled into a five-way Chicago gang fight is getting kicked, tossed, smacked, knifed, shot, taxed, lied about, and beat up in incredible ways. I wish I could say they are also creative abuses, but NO … mundane, repetitious and malicious apply here. In my household we are rather uninjured with the business shuttering, odd behavior patterns and paranoia promulgated by politicians and their theatrical companions. But the ready acceptance of it all is troubling. I don’t so much shelter in place, I keep my own company because my little circle of friends does not project an eagerness to […]

sources of news

I am a news hound. Not the mainstream media propaganda machine, but news that has a chance of being correct. I share my favorite sources with you here. In every case, you have to think about what you are reading, seeing and hearing. It should be quite obvious to you that modern media tools can make anything appear to be other than it really is. We cannot even believe our eyes and ears. That is good exercise for our brains. Use your head for something besides a hat rack. The silicon valley Internet giants are every bit as bad as the lamestream media monolith. They are deliberately censoring information outside of their agenda. Worse, their agenda is deliberately bad […]

economic reality check

Ex-Treasury undersecretary paints a stark view of our economy. In the video below, Greg Hunter interviews Paul Craig Roberts. His credibility is of the highest order. His message is something we should be aware of. The man responsible for the creation and implementation of the popular Reagan-onomics is warning that the economic trajectory looks very bad. We can no more print our way out of this depression than one can dig their way out of a hole.

musical interlude

This is the ultimate child prodigy – the real thing. Take a break and enjoy this show. Mozart Piano Concerto No 3 in D major is a lovely piece, but to watch a 5-year-old smoke it out on a grand piano is an amazing treat. While 20 adult musicians read and play their parts off sheet music, the diminutive Russian holds it all in his head. More amazing is the power this little guy puts into the keyboard. His tone, articulation, rhythm, timing and feel are as good as any adult I can imagine playing this piece. And DO STAY for the encore. He is clearly enjoying this short piece. Observe the audience reaction. Were this in the USofA a […]

celebrating love and being loved

My Pandora subscription approaches the variety my musical tastes require… I still need other sources as I am the direct opposite of a Top 40 or Top 20 kind of guy. Hearing the same rendition of the same tune twice in one three-week period is redundant and tedious to me. That is my musical [prude] side. I have been living in music pretty-much my whole life. My brain is wired for it. No training or lessons can change those fundamentals, but I do understand my abnormalities … and either forgive myself for them or don’t give a rip about others’ opinions … mood dependent. Smokes! I did some wandering there. What I started to share was a look at a […]

The Reagan administration began “CORRECTING” and “ADJUSTING” economic, employment and other data they reported to the people. For the rulers, it was a breakthrough. The hidden part of the Reagan economic miracle was that they printed their way to economic success. The real magic was that people did not know because the published numbers were cooked, I mean “adjusted” to make sense for the little people. Cooking the books has been “improved” regularly ever since. There are ways to cut the fog, but it does take work. John Williams does the work and publishes the real data side by side with the cooked data. He sells subscriptions with in-depth analysis, but gives away the charts and information I show below. […]

Want to Feel Like a Man? Then Act Like One

I regularly check in to The Art of Manliness website. It is a great philosophical treasure trove. Not always Spot On, but often enough it is well worth exploring frequently. I share a page here, but the formatting is not as nice as it is in its native territory. Go there to see it well displayed. – Ted               Since starting The Art of Manliness nearly five years ago, I’ve interacted with thousands of men from all over the world. One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that many grown men out there simply don’t feel like men. I’m not talking about “feeling like a man” in the cartoonish, hyper-masculine sense. Rather, I’m talking […]

honey dew

I enjoy my carnivorous plants a heckuva lot more than flypaper, to understate more than a little. The wonderful folks at California Carnivores provide insect control for me year after year. My honeydew from a couple years ago is still among the living – and presumably happy campers in my home. Officially known as drosera capensis, my honeydew is highly photogenic and wonderful for keeping little flying insects in check. Peter D’Amato, founder and principle at California Carnivores told me the little dewdrops at the end of the leaf hairs are ounce-for-ounce the stickiest substance known to man. Once an insect lands on one of these leaves it’s stuck. The leaf then curls up around, and digests the insect parts […]

Out Of Shadows

This may be the most important movie you ever watch. It explains the world as we know it, and why we comprehend it this way. “Conspiracy Theory” is a phrase created by the CIA to smear people who did not swallow the official reports on the JFK assassination. What if most of our conspiracy theories were actually the facts. How can we know? Is there linkage between movies, radio, television, political power and the CIA? Out Of Shadows shares insider insights from all of the above. Find the time to watch this movie.

viral certainties

While chatting with an EMT friend yesterday we realized that there are nearly as many unknowns as knowns, but her sources verify and validate most of the same information as mine, while running counter to nearly everything coming from lamestream media and pet politicians. It is the same everywhere I go in the Bitterroot. I do not personally know anyone who believes the official stories. THE TRUTH? We may never know the whole truth. But what do we know? The microscopic markers all over this virus are of a laboratory creation rather than a natural one. It is a man-made biological weapon. It is clearly traced to a level four lab in Wuhan, China. It is likely traced from […]

Google may have 10,000,000 votes in November

That is a ridiculous number, but is entirely possible according to Dr. Robert Epstein in his testimony before the US Senate. In this video, Senator Ted Cruz methodically and carefully has this very qualified psychologist unambiguously explain that Zuckerberg, one man, can move at least 2.4 million, to perhaps over 10 million votes on election day. In case YouTube removes the video for non-conformance to The Globalist Agenda, I put a copy at my Vimeo channel. My insurance copy is embedded below. Do not use Googoo. For web searches, DuckDuckGo does not manipulate the results for political purposes. Privacy, simplified. We don’t store your personal info. We don’t follow you around with ads. We don’t track you. Ever. YouTube controllers […]

managing your day-to-day world

You might occasionally find yourself getting less and less done in spite of the appearance of free time. What’s With That??? I wrestle with that problem from time to time. I’m retired. Officially, I have no job. There is nothing I HAVE TO DO. So how could I possibly have to struggle to get things done that I want to accomplish? I’m a news junkie. I am all over a huge range of news and commentary sources in order to … Uh, yeah, do what? Well, to be one step ahead of a rapidly changing reality. And that accomplishes what? I could be a day or two ahead of the next toilet paper shortage, or something like that. So I […]