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managed economies – the dream turns to trash

In the late 1980s, Soviets were allowed to keep the wealth they created by raising vegetables on their garden plots. Although these plots composed only about 2% of the agricultural lands in the Soviet Union, they produced 25% of the food! When Soviets kept the wealth they created, they produced almost 16 times more than when it was taken from them, at gunpoint if necessary!

Mary Ruwart


“Just as there is a very short distance between the U.S. and Cuba, there is a very short distance between a democracy and dictatorship where the government gets to decide what to do, how to think, and how to live. And sometimes your freedom is not taken away at gunpoint, but instead it is done one piece of paper at a time, one seemingly meaningless rule at a time, one small silencing at a time. Never allow the government — or anyone else — to tell you what you can or cannot believe or what you can and cannot say or what your conscience tells you to have to do or not do.”
— Armando Valladares

Thanks to the DARPA Virus Panic of 2020, we have, at the flip of a switch, moved into a planned economy. High level state and federal politicians, with no skill set beyond that of winning elections, are now controlling who can go to work, who cannot, which businesses may remain open, which must close.

They are closing in on allowing or disallowing absolute movement outside our homes. 

This would not be much of a threat to a free country except the vast majority are accepting it. An obvious point of rebellion against fiat dictatorship has been passed without a whimper.

National, and international acceptance of this is based on widespread trust in sudden synchronized reports from both centralized media and centralized government of a virus more fearsome than any mankind has ever experienced.

It is either an amazing or a suspicious coincidence that what we are experiencing aligns perfectly with the goals of global schemers who spent the last century striving for a centrally-controlled, all-powerful world government.

– Ted Dunlap