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Two weeks ago I published the health ranger yanks me off the coronovirus fence, sharing an article, a couple videos as well as ten predictions by Mike Adams. Since the outset, I have exclaimed that the truth will be elusive, but the effects of Big Brother’s response will be massively disruptive. Some say much worse than anything the disease itself could do.

A couple days later in A most convenient virus, I describe some of the handy effects of the responses to the virus – handy from the perspective of those who would rule the world, that is.

Both of those posts withstood the test of time – in fact, search this site for the word “virus” and every article turned out to be correctly descriptive and/or predictive. So much of what our current government/social situation looks like today is exactly as many of us anticipated as soon as the politicians and lamestream media united full-time on the COVID-19 topic.

I am going to hit on some of the major ways that Big Brother and The Police State have found great, startling success in the last few weeks.

Nation-wide, the governors of every state have grabbed dictatorial powers out of thin air to shut down businesses and activities among the people who elected them. It is one thing to announce via mainstream media a recommendation based on your best understanding of the health situation. Another thing entirely is to apply your OPINION of the situation into DECREES backed by police forces and national guard troops.

In running for governor, I met men who would gain that title. In every case, they oozed a feeling normal people do not give off. During my campaigns, people would share stories of their experiences with the creepy fellow campaigning against me. Suffice it to say, governors are not expert in medicine, health, morals, public policy or anything other than getting elected.

Around the world, numerous reports are coming in that malaria medicine is curing late stage COVID-19 cases overnight. The Democratic governors of Nevada and Michigan quickly banned the use of anti-malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus patients… looking a lot like a cure would be unwelcome for their agenda. They have unilaterally ordered the release of violent criminals from state prisons – making room for scofflaws like the doctors curing the rulers’ pet disease.

Neighbors are reporting neighbors To The Authorities for the transgression of going outside, taking their children to a playground and other sins against humanity.

Grocery store customers are vocally “SHAMING” others whose shopping carts contain more than a day’s-worth of groceries. “Hoarder” “Do you have enough?” “How much do you need?” “Leave some for the rest of us.” This is reported to me by someone grabbing groceries when she can while working 16-hour days.

Washington state oaf-fishals have doubled unemployment benefits making the choice of staying home more attractive than getting a job … causing the above mentioned 16-hour days for a regional manager.

Genius governors as mentioned above are throwing out dictatorial demands shutting down businesses, shops, social events and industries while allowing others to continue. Planned economies ALWAYS fail.  Even if the omnipotent ruler were the most brilliant person on Earth, their analytical, logistic, technical, tactical and practical abilities are minuscule compared to hundreds of thousands of individuals considering every aspect of their own lives and family needs.

The Montana Democrat governor has published his comprehensive list of businesses that are allowed to operate and those that are not. So Sorry, Mom-and-Pop. You gotta go broke, lose your business and become wards of the state. Don’t worry. We will take good care of you… like the VA does our veterans.

Yesterday I read a report from a nurse who had three deaths completely unrelated to COVID-19 on his shift. The next morning he found all three listed as COVID-19 deaths. Could we imagine the media and politicians telling something other than the truth? Other than that they usually lie, what might lead us to be hesitant in trusting them this time?

How can you KNOW that something is fishy?

100% simultaneous immediate agreement among all of the Bilderberg Group players regarding what was going on and what the proper responses had to be. Lamestream media, whose reputation is trashed, in full front-page, leading-story agreement with the failed, blatantly corrupt Democrat Party apparatchiks, high-level Republicans and other group leaders.

No other news matters. Everything else is on hold.

The media fueled an extreme rush on toilet paper, followed by proof their predictions were correct in that the toilet paper supplies did not survive the onslaught of panic purchasing. Other commodities quickly followed suit – media fueled panic buying followed by shortage. But they did not mention guns and ammo. Yet people suddenly recognized an inherent responsibility for personal protection coming their way in a big hurry. Guns and ammo sold out to record shattering numbers of first time gun owners. An easily predicted spike in accidental shootings is coming soon.

Also easily predicted will be forced vaccinations… the globalist wet dream. That, along with the elimination of the dollar as a means of transacting business. Those filthy paper bills will be replaced with electrons stored in the great central computer to be doled out when and where the controllers allow. A little “harmless” chip in your hand will provide access for all your needs. Every dystopian novel and movie coming to a theater near you.

Those “hoarders” who had a cookie jar stuffed with Feral Reserve Notes can stand in line before our banksters to exchange them for a few blips on a computer screen.

If you stand a couple paces back to observe, the most startling thing is how immediately EVERYONE fell into line. Anarchists, preppers, libertarians, militia-men, survivalists, Antifa, Chicago gangs … You name the group. They are following the new orders.