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filthy lucre

Money, in the sense of being a product or source of greed. The phrase is Biblical in origin, and the word “lucre” comes from the Latin word lucrum, meaning “profit.”

In an amazing twist the normal prepper did not predict, paper currencies have become less desirable than electronic transactions. Hoo-Duh-Thunk??? We were always encouraging each other to keep some ready cash in the cookie jar for the initial phases of TEOTWAWKI where people still trusted their central bank paper, but couldn’t make their regular electronic money transfers function.

In today’s Topsy-Turvy world, EVERYBODY KNOWS that THE VIRUS can live on paper currencies for over a week, making it a great vector for spreading DARPA FLU. Your cookie jar has just suffered an incredible jolt of inflation.

Silver’s anti-microbial properties will soon be appreciated, but in the meantime, people would rather touch the same electronic keypad that the last 100 customers touched than handle paper money that has been through about as many hands. The only clean way available to normies is to order online, using PayPal or similar and to leave the package untouched in your driveway for a month while anything living on the cardboard packaging dies.