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resignations: there are no coincidences

Hordes of the ruling elite are running for cover. This is completely unprecedented in our lifetimes prior to the shocking derailment of Hitlary’s coronation. I was watching this information in a database of resignations, sealed indictments, unsealed indictments, arrests, and a couple other categories. That site disappeared, as far as I can tell.

In searching for it recently I ran across a wealth of resignation information that I partially share here. The arrests might be more interesting to us, but I don’t have that. Still, resigning positions among the elites is a major step these folks do not take without serious external motivators.

I keep watching the show and toasting the victories as they become apparent. In the Sturm und Drang of current events, much of the current swamp draining may be happening under a cover which might be characterized as The Fog Of War.
“…On the One Year Anniversary next Month of this July 2018 Article of a different title, Three Thousand CEO’s Step Down During Trump Administration for What Reason?, I felt it vital to update our followers on the progression of the Trump Administration’s execution of the SWAMP DRAINING Military Operation. While the FAKE NEWS Media has continued their Trump bashing and Treasonous violations of the Smith Act, Trump continues steadfastly redefining the combination of Sun Tzu and modern Social Media Warfare to coin a new Style to be known as “TRUMP TZU” warfare.

(3000 CEO’s as of July 2018 – updated resignations count has more than doubled to 8,265 by June 2, 2019)…”

Big time CEO resignations, a partial list

Microsoft, Bill Gates, 3/13 after forever
UPS, David Abney, 3/12 (after 6Y)
Disney CEO, Bob Iger, 2/25 (after 15 Y)
MasterCard CEO, Ajay Banga, 2/25 (after 10 Y)
Salesforce CEO, Keith Block, 2/25 (after 18 M)
Uber Eats VP, Jason Droege, 2/25 (after 6 Y)
Outdoor Voices CEO, Tyler Haney, 2/25 (after 8 Y)
Cansortium Cannabis CEO, Jose Hidalgo, 2/25 (after 5 Y)
St. Luke’s Hospital CEO, Christine Candio, 2/25 (after 5 Y) (one of St. Louis’ biggest hospitals)
JCPenney CMO, Shawn Gensch, 2/25 (after 9 M)
Bowers & Wilkins CEO Gregory Lee, 2/24 (after 2 M)
Bowers & Wilkins CFO Gideon Yu, 2/24 (after 4 Y)
L Brands CEO, Les Wexner, 2/20 (after 57 Y)
Credit Suisse CEO, Tidjane Thiam, 2/13 (after 5 Y)
MGM CEO, Jim Murren, 2/12 (after 12 Y)
Aurora Cannabis CEO, Terry Booth, 2/6 (+other big cuts)
LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, 2/5 (after 11 Y)
HULU CEO, Randy Freer, 1/31 (after 2 Y)
IBM CEO , Ginni Rometty, 1/30 (after 8 Y) CEO, Mandy Ginsberg, 1/29 (health)
International Airlines Group (IAG) CEO, Willie Walsh, 1/9 (after 9 Y)
Pages and pages of resignations from positions of power and wealth. You can search it by country, by industry, date …