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A week ago the media told its slaves to buy toilet paper. They obliged in droves, soaking up supplies at an incredible pace. They quickly moved on to paper diapers, feminine hygiene products and everything disposable made of paper.

The rolling panic attack transitioned to bottled water, then transitioned to frozen food and fresh produce.

Several weeks ahead of the next rush I see old codgers topping off their gasoline and diesel fuel supplies. They lived through numerous blizzards and other disasters teaching them what to have plenty of in their pantries and what supplies to maximize as the next one approaches.

Now, in a sign of brightening awareness, Seattle has few handguns left to buy and their prices have dramatically spiked. IF you get one, the ammunition is constructed of UNOBTANIUM. That’s okay, we will just go online, eh? Not so fast, Bucko. The only stuff I can find available is snake shot BBs. No defensive ammo, or even ball practice ammo online.

Wow. The people in this country suddenly woke out of their slumber to an ugly future staring them in the face.

Coulda – shoulda – woulda

We were wackos not so long ago. Now we are evil hoarders. They might rationalize confiscating our stuff, but much of the preps took that into account. It might not go well for the late arrivals to this party.