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A most convenient virus

It appears the Corona beer producers and distributors are no longer suffering from having their namesake in the headlines. COVID-19 is becoming the approved label for this world-disrupting virus and response thereto. By any name, the world is staggering from the effects. Each of us know people whose lives are being disrupted in major ways.

Picking up bits and pieces from several sources within the USofA and China has led me to believe DARPA engineered a weaponized super-virus which they allowed China to “steal”, who in turn “lost control” of it, whereupon it quickly spread world-wide.

Virologists are reporting numerous unnatural aspects of COVID-19, including its unprecedented ability to live outside a host for nearly a month. Other extraordinary attributes include the circumventing of human immune systems that prevent re-infection once the body has figured out how to defeat a naturally-occurring virus so it may come back to people who have overpowered it previously. The real super power is that infected people can be symptom free for weeks of spreading the virus far and wide.

… Human coronaviruses can remain infectious without a host from 2 hours to 9 days …

… At temperatures of around 4°C or 39.2oF, certain versions of the coronavirus could remain viable for up to 28 days …

You can read all of that on the Internet, if you look for it using DuckDuckGo (as opposed to the 800-pound gorilla of search engines that censors and tracks results).
I’m not linking to the data in this post, but it exists in many places.

I call it “A most convenient virus” because it serves so many of the announced agendas and goals of the globalist elites, along with easing the global food shortages that are currently looming large. They do understand that if enough of the peasants get really hungry, an uprising could seriously endanger the ruling class. Thinning the population allows dwindling food resources to go much further.

Among other things, the rulers are learning the compliance of their peasants to martial law. It is not yet coming to a boil in the USofA, but the potential could be just a couple weeks away. One major electric company has already issued its service employees “critical infrastructure IDs” for the possibility of mandated lockdown with checkpoints preventing travel … Your Papers Please!!!

There is this handy aspect that it takes out the old, weak and infirm at dramatically higher rates than the average population.

Georgia Guidestones
The current human population of Earth is 7,630,191,000 and going up.
The Georgia Guidestones place a maximum limit of 500,000,000 as JOB 1.
Their creators are calling for the murder of 7,130,191,000+ people.
If you or I openly, seriously advocate murdering ONE person, they lock us up.
Someone is advocating the murder of more than 7 billion people – and not in a subtle, hard-to-track way.
They etched it in granite, 20 feet high, weighing 120 TONS, and maintain a park around it!

Number two on their Guidestone Agenda is to
Cutting down on the population past their productive years and others who are not quite ‘fit enough’ certainly helps with that.

You might also notice the media monopolies making frequent use of the epithet “HOARDERS” for people who shop for more than one day’s worth of anything. If they can get the unthinking masses to resent the planners and thinkers, those who present the greatest threat to a permanent ruling class could fall victim to mob violence.

Morality is going down. Self-sufficiency is going to sleep. There are already plenty of stories where those who don’t have break car windows to take toilet paper, snatch and grabs outside stores and a general creeping increase in savagery. Acceptance of increased police violence will go up.

Imagine what will come our way when Big Pharma claims to have a vaccine against this monster. It won’t be merely free for those who want it, it will very quickly become mandatory forcibly injecting whatever they want directly into our bodies.

Carrying your shot records will be inconvenient, but a little chip in your hand will make it easy for one and all to prove they “got their shot”.

Since paper money can carry the virus for weeks, it is a hop, skip and jump to the end of that. Next up will be electronic, cash-less society. We have a handy-dandy little chip in your hand that can take care of those little details for you.

Better still, if someone is naughty, Big Brother can turn off their cash access with the flip of a couple electrons… not to mention better tracking than the the smart phones the suckers are already carrying everywhere.

Government-mandated quarantines have taken place around the world. We nod our heads in acceptance. They just proved the principle and our acceptance of it. Expect A LOT MORE of that.

Now the feds are preparing to print a mountain of money out of thin air to pass around as an economic crash preventative. This time it is not just the usual feeding of the hyper-rich, but down to the consumer-level with tax deferments and straight out bribes to love your government, or at least not revolt against it … perhaps with more people accepting the generous hand of Big Brother.

The definition of FASCISM is the merger of corporate and state. This “crisis” is triggering money and control from big government creeping into the corporate wold right before our glassy eyes.

Amidst this hurricane of Big Government roaring through the china shop are big celebrity, high level corporate and major government players being scooped up in the satanist, corruption and pedophilia battle that was the real fear behind the anti-Trump hysteria, mass unsealing of sealed indictments, actual arrests of big names and major super-wealthy exits from elite positions and even moves to non-extradition-treaty countries.

This is an interesting aspect as mainstream talks of little other than the effects and repercussions of COVID-19 while startling and amazing stuff flies under our radars.

For a really thoughtful discussion on the health, medical, cultural and economic impacts, check out these straightforward experts as Mike Adams chats with JR Nyquist:

If you want a thorough education in where this all is coming from, and where they hope to take it, the movie is just now coming out.

UNSUSTAINABLE: The UN’s Agenda for World Domination

By the way, for all my ranting against The State response, I am avoiding high exposure situations now; mostly staying home where I have A HUGE backlog of projects I want to enjoy working on and have plenty of colloidal silver for killing infections. It is belt and suspenders time.