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2nd order effects kicking in

The media demonizes them as hoarders. Shoppers following in their wakes curse them as preppers. They are, however, neither of those.

Preppers know that an event disrupting the intricate just-in-time delivery system of our society is inevitable. Analyzing what is really important for family survival, perhaps comfort, and insuring a reasonable supply is not only a way of life for them, it is subject matter they study and regularly review. Conservative planning centers around being ahead of the rush WHEN it happens, not IF it happens.

The current crop of Costco Raiders are rather the great middle of our society. Those who have some ability to spend cash or credit when triggered by the media onslaught. Those a day late to the party can resent the shoppers who were just ahead of them, but the blame rests entirely on the late arrivals themselves. Note that the cursed preppers are NOT depleting dwindling supplies at this time. They already have those things in their pantries.

Below is a map of the empty store shelves. They don’t call it that, but the lag time between the media-darling-disease of 2020 and SOLD OUT is very short. When lamestream media unifies on a scenario, you can bet it will come to pass with 100% reliability.

I was in 1973 retail when the last toilet paper shortage was broadcast all over lamestream media. Frightened shoppers flooded our retail outlet scooping up cases of toilet paper where package purchases had previously been normal. Of course we were not prepared for that. Of course we ran out. That proved the Chicken Littles correct.

Self-fulfilling prophecies are created by the masses. They run to whatever destination lamestream media recommends. A rush on toilet paper. Sure. Good-Oh. It happened in 1973. We can do it any time we wish… simple flip of the switch. Again, the preppers are not involved in this. The stars of the show are the easily manipulated.

Next week it will be oranges … or fresh fruit … or bread … or taco seasoning. It really does not matter much. Whatever lamestream tells the masses will be in short supply, WILL BE in short supply. They are good at that. The masses, that is. They go where ordered to go.

If you are clever, you are one step ahead. If you are intelligent and thoughtful, you are several steps ahead.

Be that.

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