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playing in the mud

Sean called his Darby Adult Ed class “Mud Made Mankind”. He gave us a wonderful introduction to working with clay, glazes, potter’s wheel and much more. We found ways to mold clay that didn’t work. We found ways that did. He was a wonderful teacher, cheerleader and assistant.

I entered the class with a specific project in mind. I didn’t care if was the only creation I made, but I was focused on getting this one done. As you can see here, we pulled it off… and I do mean WE … Sean was a big help in many ways.

I have a carnivorous pitcher plant that seems to like its home, rewarding me with a fly-free laundry room throughout the summer that used to be their gathering place in our home, and by growing vigorously.

It was feeling a bit squeezed into its old pot, so I signed up for this class specifically to build a new home.

Got ‘er done.

I picked my mud up from school today, transplanting the carnivore to its new digs as my full moon planting for this month. I will try to get some future transplants started soon too, but sometimes you have to fudge the rules a bit to claim SUCCESS!

I moved the planter into our bedroom to take photos with the mirror background. The laundry room is un-photogenic. The carved wood lamplighter in the background has been with me since I was a young lad… don’t see stuff like that every day.