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Democrats enter home stretch in the race to the bottom

We have two doddering old men whose campaign teams are arguing over which one will take the blame if neither can remain standing for a whole hour during the candidate’s presidential debate.

Creepy Joe cannot survive scrutiny regarding blatant immorality and criminal history, yet creeping dodderage is compounding his unsuitability with obvious signs of Dementia for all to see. His minders are now working to prevent him from having to remain standing for one whole hour.

Bernie impoverished-socialism-for-you-unfamothable-wealth-for-me Sanders would probably prefer to sit so his old brain can concentrate on talking, but may be able to corner the creepy team into begging for mercy.

We could do better with a random lottery selection. The Democrats seem completely disconnected from the people today. Their antics are unfathomable to me. Did the Democrats decide to let Republicans select their opposition?

I don’t think there are enough Yellow Dog Democrats around any more to elect the current crop of candidates.


Bernie and Biden are reduced to arguing over who can stay upright for a debate


The Democrat Party has finally coalesced around Joe Biden, a plagiarizing, hair-sniffing, girl-groping, sort-of-coherent death’s head who is showing signs of cognitive decline.  His opponent at the next Democrat debate is a communist-loving, America-hating, self-loathing anti-Semitic Jew with anger management issues and a bad heart.  Both of these geriatric candidates are trying to appear youthful while labeling their opponent decrepit.  No wonder the Democrats kicked the vibrant Tulsi Gabbard off the debate stage.

The latest arena for this battle is the March 15 debate in Arizona.  Bernie’s campaign claims that while Bernie wants to stand tall on the debate stage, Biden is desperate to take a seat … more …