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I have enough guns

That phrase is heresy for most Montanans. Its profane counterpart, “I have enough ammo” is just as bad. It is a good way to get shunned from polite company, trussed-up and shipped to San Francisco from others.

But really, how many guns are you likely to deploy and how many rounds of ammo can you expend fighting off the zombie apocalypse before one of them takes you out? More importantly, if/when TS actually hits TF, or TEOTWAWKI if you will, gun fights are likely to take out a lot fewer than disease, suicide, starvation and other less dramatic breakdowns of the easy living we currently enjoy.

If you are developing accommodations for your castle defense team, a couple month’s worth of shelter and defense will probably suffice. After that, vacant houses and unused weapons will be free for anyone who happens along. Food, not so much. Medicine … well, what IS medicine? If you believe in Big Pharma, that will have run out in a hurry and we are not allowed to stock up at will. Remedies with longer history can currently be gathered for any sized community… and may well be more effective over a wider range of assaults on our bodies.

Remember, alternate medicine was primary medicine for thousands of years before Big Pharma joined hands with Big Politics to crush and supplant them.

Before I send you to the dark side, I want to remind you about Thieves Oil, an old-time method used by those who harvested what the plague made available to those who could survive.

Now on to Commander Zero’s thoughts about the virus of the year…


Im not a bad person, but I am a bit of a pragmatist. And it occurs to me that if the Kung Flu takes hold here, and the infirm/elderly/medically compromised are the most likely to die from it……

<deep breath>

….there may be a buying opportunity coming up for real estate and vehicles.

Think about…the 82 year old guy down the street who has the little oxygen tank he carries in a backpack….he catches it, winds up in the hospital, and…adios. And now his estate needs to be settled and that property needs to be sold, or that newer pickup he only drove to the VFW and to CostCo….

Now, I’m not wishing for someone to die. I’m just saying that if it does turn out to be Capt. Tripps, there might be some opportunities to upgrade. Of course, there’s always the possibility that I’m the one who shuffles off to Sto’Vo’Kor and someone else winds up the beneficiary of my gear and supplies. :::shrug::: hey, ya gotta die of something.

Sidenote: apparently in the Middle Ages, the Black Death wiped out such a huge part of the European population that land ownership and the subsequent economics were fundamentally changed in ways that lasted for hundreds of years.



Even if you are over 80 years old, there are strategies and behaviors that are likely to put you in company of the 85.2% who survive lamestream media’s plague of the year.

Crappy diet, polluted water and rotten hygiene are not among them. Investment in prevention of those situations are likely much more relevant to surviving the apocalypse than 87 different guns and half a million rounds of ammo.

I’m sorry

I’m sorry

I didn’t mean to offend

Please, not San Francisco

I promise to be quiet

NOooooooooo o o o o o . . . . .