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Agenda 2030 (Agenda 21 updated)

James Jaeger and a whole lot of wise, educated and honorable people have put together a GREAT MOVIE to inform us about the dangers from manipulative, power-hungry, completely selfish people.

Actually, the topic was too big for one movie, so this is the first half of a two part series. You, I and the rest of the world can watch this first half for free. Hit the link above. Watch for a bit. If you are like me in appreciation, you will see it through to the finish.

I share the e-mail from Matrix Productions below.


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Progress Report

27 February 2020

We premiered UNSUSTAINABLE: The UN’s Agenda for World Domination – Part I on Friday, 07 February 2020 and since its release about 300 people a day are watching the movie.  If you have not seen it, you are welcome to screen it at or via

Though Part I – “The Theory” is done, we are now working hard to complete Part II – “The Reality.”  Given this, I am hoping you will watch Part I and see enough merit to help us get Part II done.  Donations will help us get Part II done more quickly and with higher production values.  When Part II is done, we will release both parts on DVD. 

We still have an Executive Producer and an Associate Producer screencredit available in the MAIN title sequence for $10,000 and $5,000, respectively.  If you are of means, this could be perfect for you because you will need a screencredit if you wish to establish yourself as a producer in the movie industry.  Just go to www.UNsustainable.US/donate  As a point of reference, to get a producer screencredit on a Hollywood-quality, feature-length motion picture like UNSUSTAINABLE you would find yourself investing or donating well over $100,000.    

In addition to a few major donors — such as GERALD TUFTS, USN — hundreds of you donated $50, $100, $250, $500 or whatever you could and we got this two-part mini series well on its way to completion.  Thank you.  And no matter what you donated, most of your screencredits are now up in the official Trailer here and will be in the final release of the movie.  Again, thank you.  We got this movie done when I’m told several previous attempts by other production companies did not.

With 300 people a day now watching UNSUSTAINABLE, this movie may make a difference in how Americans see Agenda 21 and our involvement in the UN. You — as well as the Agenda 21 experts we interviewed — helped make this happen. 

As one of the experts, astrophysicist, WILLIE SOON, might say: “in my humble opinion” the best way the United States can bring democracy to the world is not by sending in bombers and destroying everything to the horizon.  The best way WE THE PEOPLE can help the rest of the world flourish and prosper is by setting a good example and by making known our principles of self-defense, property rights and liberty: all of these principles embodied in the U.S. Constitution, all of these principles informed by Christian values … NOT Marxist values.

So with these things in mind — if you have not already done so — I hope you will screen UNSUSTAINABLE Part I – “The Theory” and help us complete Part II – “The Reality” so we can continue the work and truly Make America – and the Rest of the World – Great.  By this I am NOT talking about UN-styled “great.” I am not talking about globalism, or top-down, central planning “great.”  I am talking about U.S.-styled Nationalism.  U.S.   Constitution-based Nationalism that demonstrates to the world how wealth, prosperity and security are REALLY generated.

But YOU as an American citizen must do your part.  Don’t sit around and think donations and votes for Establishment politicians, congressmen or candidates will solve the problems.  These deep-state, entrenched rogues know LESS about the U.S. Constitution than someone who as screened even 5 of the 10 films we have produced, all up for free as public services at    

So if you agree, why not nudge your family, friends and associates to wake up and contribute to something worthwhile.  The MAINSTREAM MEDIA isn’t going to wake them up.  ACADEMIA isn’t going to wake them up.  The CLERGY isn’t going to wake them up.  And most of all, your CONGRESSMEN — with unlimited-terms — are NOT going to wake ANYONE up.

A Congress that can’t even limit its own terms is a Congress that will never limit government.   

The only ones that are going to wake everyone up are WE THE PEOPLE because the only ones that are AWAKE enough to even WANT a more perfect union, want justice, want domestic tranquility, want a common defense, want general welfare, and want the blessings of liberty are WE THE PEOPLE.  What are all the others really doing?