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A comment on Gab about the unaffordability of happiness today inspired my reply below it.

The big four expenses that contribute the most to personal happiness are housing, education, healthcare, and transportation.

If you can afford those, family formation becomes more than a pipe dream.

All four have gotten more unaffordable since the 1970s. This is what’s driving the working and middle class revolts against the system, despite stock market gains and econometric assurances that everything’s peachy keen once adjusted for inflation.

As a nation, we’ve traded big ticket affordability for cheap gadgets.

We will learn soon enough that the trade-off came with a huge hidden cost.


Housing: bigger is not necessarily better, fixers are good investments, renting often beats buying, lack of creative thinking and versatility drives market prices up, up, up.

Education: Get out of school ASAP. Sooner almost always beats later. The globalist-driven un-education is far worse than self-taught, private or home-schooled … non-trade-school post-secondary almost never pays off.

AMA/Pharma is not health care, but sickness maintenance. Real health care is good food, healthy lifestyle, herbalists, chiropractic … everything other than lamestream… and those are quite affordable by comparison.

Transportation other than shiny-new cars packed with gizmos, gadgets and imitation mouse-fur upholstery are rather inexpensive.

Finally, happiness is in the head. Nothing else matters.