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where are the arrests?

Trump announced to the world, and The Deep State superstars in particular that “We have it all” – referring to their corruption, collusion, satanic rituals, pedophilia, murders, election fraud, racketeering and so on. The NSA that I hate for illegally collecting and permanently storing data on everyone from everywhere about everything turned against its creators and joined the team figureheaded by Trump.

So we think, but we have waited three long years for the perp-walks. Meanwhile the criminal elites get bolder, crazier, more destructive and shrill every day. It seems that undoing 100 years of corrupting the District of Criminals and everything it touches might be an Augean Stables scaled task.

Q tells us to Trust The Plan. That’s all well and good, but gee…

So how would you do it … if you had it all?

Timing would be interesting. You would not want to give them much time to adjust their strategy for November elections. Perhaps waiting until the regular primary circus has come and gone would be clever.

Meanwhile there is much merit in continuing to shift the myriad courts of this country back towards rule of law from the goofiness epitomized by the Ninth District Court until its very recent change from a whacked-out majority. “They” had a century of packing every nutball they could move through corrupted law schools into courts from town magistrates on up to The Supremes.

It occurred to me this morning that there are still a lot of wackos littering the legal system who could easily find murder, rape, corruption and so on to be forgivable sins when done by the right people – those with Rockefeller’s infamous GET OUT OF JAIL FREE cards.

That inspired me to look there to see if that was where the action is.

Hmmm…. seems so.
Note: I only posted the first page of results from my search. Click above to see these and more.