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lubricating sensitive joints

My ultimate test is what works for me. Without prior experience I rely on recommendations, reviews and research. In the case of my dietary supplements I experiment, personally perceive results, then stick with what works on my body.

I continually question my selection, wondering if each one of them continue to be best for me, most economical, necessary or warranted. The products in the marketplace are constantly changing as is my body and use thereof. Through a number of additions, deletions and brand changes, I am somewhat confident in my choices.

Fourteen years ago the surgeon who cleaned up a torn knee meniscus for me explained that what remained was so thin I was within two years of begging for a plastic knee. He also recommended swimming and bicycling as beneficial with all other uses neutral or worse. With a little bit of indoor and outdoor pedaling, a knee-centric supplement regimen and modest abuse, the weak knee continues to satisfy me more than the surgical alternative.

In fact, other than avoiding excessive ladder, stair, freight-hauling and hillclimb use, it is serving me quite well nowadays. I can do bits of those activities without penalties, but put too much time into them will cost me for days afterwards.

I recently tested one of my key supplements by running out. This is one of my favorite trials. I forget I’m not taking it until something clicks to remind me. Among a handful of seniors chatting about their anti-aging elixirs I was bragging up my preferred brand of krill oil. Several wanted to know, but when I tried to find the bottle at home I remembered running out some time back.

Oho! That might explain my recent knee pain.

I paid extra for two-day shipping to get my refill going ASAP.

My friends had mentioned the Costco brand. Yep. I tried that, but it just didn’t work as well. Here is a photo of both. The visual gives one indicator why the OceanPure from StopAgingNow might work better. HUGE difference in per-serving quantity. While each recommend one a day, those ones are distinctly different.

It is more than that, though. Compensating for the size differential by doubling, even quadrupling the smaller one did not give me the results I had been getting. My current regimen is one OceanPure with dinner and two Kirklands with breakfast. Along with some other things, that keeps my knees running … well, walking anyways.

Once I stabilize with a comfy, fluid knee again, I’ll give one and one a try.

This works for me. I shouldn’t have remind that YMMV.