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Enjoy The Decline

Accepting and Living with the Death of the United States
By Aaron Clarey

I just finished reading, and enjoying this book. He is a very good writer with balanced modesty and excellent insights into our cultural and economic decline.

The swelling number of socialists, parasites and plain old goofballs will succeed in destroying our free country. Choosing to quit carrying the burden they represent is the best solution to the insanity. This immediately brings to mind the massive Atlas Shrugged 1957 novel by Ayn Rand. Aaron’s is much more accessible.

He is guilty of accepting the definition of our government as “a democracy”. This common mistake is a reality in its operation, but not the facts of our Constitution. Unfortunately the results are the same. The majority vote to bleed the producers dry until there is nobody left producing with obvious results we apparently have to repeat rather than learn from history.

He insists, however, that the sensible response is
“to exact your revenge you need to actually go out and have fun. You need to go out and enjoy your life. You need to be happy.”