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obelisks – marking turf?

Yesterday’s Statue of Liberty monument post got me thinking about another monument that is not what we think it is. I admit right off that I don’t know exactly what these obelisks mean, but they have been spreading around the world for two thousand years.

People of exceptional power erect these … appears to me like they are marking their turf. The Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Rothschilds, Poseurs or whoever might be at the top of the dark forces divided their three priorities into religious, monetary and enforcement. Each got its own country-within-a-country and each got its own obelisk.

The Washington Monument and its two independent-city-state brothers is where I started today’s article. But as often happens, this obelisk research got ideas of its own.

At least eight obelisks created in antiquity by the Egyptians were taken from Egypt after the Roman conquest and brought to Rome.

After that, at least five obelisks were manufactured in Egypt in the Roman period at the request of powerful Romans, or made in Rome as copies of ancient Egyptian originals.

I could not help but notice that the center of human world power was Egypt before it moved to Rome. It is ironic that country comes up again since the research I did yesterday on The Statue of Liberty had it slated for Egypt, but that country’s rulers turned it down. New York City was a second choice.

This is an impressively large list of all obelisks built after the 17th century.

All over Europe, Asia, the Americas, Russia are obelisks of varying heights and weights. Check out that second link just above. You will likely be as surprised as I was at the number and myriad locations.

Many of them stretch the imagination to believe mortal men with ancient technologies built them. A good friend of mine is among those who believe non-humans built them, the pyramids, and other hard-to-explain structures. I certainly do not KNOW differently. I was not there and all of our histories are suspect.

Imagine my surprise when my home town of Santa Rosa, California appeared on the big list with one of the newest obelisks. They call it Cyclisk as it is constructed from scrap bicycles.

Extra appropriate as the rulers have spent the last forty or so years making the area bicycle-friendly / passenger-car-unfriendly.

Their Planning Commission has some of the most powerful tools available to any such agency. We could call it “Magic” as they draw high-density and natural buffer zones lines on a map then less than a year later, in October 2017 AMAZING FIRES come along to wipe out all the uber-expensive single family homes that were in the way of that plan.

Sometimes coincidences arouse suspicions.