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Lady Liberty is not who we thought

Let’s start with the sculpture created by one of the most meticulous sculptors of the era. That strong jawline looks much more like contemporary Greek sculptures of men than any of their women. Why do we call him “Lady Liberty”? He may well be the world’s most recognizable cross dresser.

Looking a little further into the model for this colossal creation we find that Helios, The Colossus of Rhodes at 107 feet tall, was constructed in 280 BC set astride of their harbor after the local folks successfully defended their community against attacking hordes.

While there is a scarcity of 2,000-year-old Helios photographs, numerous artists gave us images that look interestingly similar to our New York harbor statue.

Web search “Helios the Colossus of Rhodes” to find an ancient statue that was most likely the model for our Statue of Liberty. The resemblance is unmistakable.

By comparison, the height of the copper Statue of Liberty is 151 feet… only grew 44 feet, or 41% in 2,000 years… a lame performance in my book. gives us the following information:

It was a gift given to America by the French Freemasons, not the government of France, after being rejected Egyptian government.

The three major figures involved with the Statue, Frederic Bartholdi who designed the statue itself, Gustave Eiffel who designed the inner support structure later to be famous for the 984-feet (300-meter) high Eiffel Tower, and Richard Hunt who designed the pedestal, were all Freemasons.

The original name of the statue was “Liberty Enlightening the World,” not the Statue of Liberty. Enlightening, enlightenment, light, the sun, intelligence, bright, brilliance, Lucifer, the Light-bearer!

The torch represents the torch of Prometheus, who occultly signifies Lucifer. The Greek mythological story of Prometheus is the same allegory of stealing fire or knowledge from the Gods, and giving it to humans, thus angering God.

The Statue of Liberty itself is essentially a modern version of the Colossus of Rhodes, which was a depiction of the Greek sun god Helios.

There is quite a bit of surprising information in that bit. For one, that the Egyptians turned it down before it came to New York City. How the heck are those two harbors nearly interchangeable with NY as a second choice? … and to whom?

Apparently to the Freemasons / Luciferians.

The original statue, which is said to be the bronze model that was produced by Bartholdi, stands at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. The plaster that Bartholdi used in preparation for the statue in New York is also used in the Museum of Arts and Crafts within the city. Other replicas can be seen throughout the world, including in other European countries, Asia, South and North America and Australia.

Here is a link to 7 of them … all pretty much direct copies though of differing sizes.