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Stupor Bowl

Mom’s team made USofA football’s big game. In honor of that occasion I brought television into my home for the first time in 30 years (one day only). OhMyGawsh! What the masses are being fed is a really nasty diet. I am ever so glad people are waking up and walking away.

By the way, her California 49ers won on PC points for having NFL’s first female head coach, but lost the game. I suppose you can’t have everything.

The show was not so much startling to me as it was affirmation that everything I had read about the Deep State propaganda machine was true. It was slick, but quite thin, obvious and ugly. We are not the target market.

Right off the bat were player profiles portraying them as GODS with camera angles looking up from shoelace level in awe at these polished, glossy, worshipfully-posed man-mountains. Oh-VER-thuh-TOP. I grabbed paper, pen and clipboard. This was going to be a show.

Rasta-hair is IN. Where negroes used hair straighteners in the dark ages, now white folks use some rasta-goop to get the ghetto look.

Kids are stars. The marketing moguls continue to work on their youth-centric culture. Adults have a lot to learn from the experts in following orders and doing as they are told.

The Superhero movies and television shows ALL feature female warriors. Men are out, white men in particular. Couples can include white women, black men, two mom households, cross dressing men, and an occasional weak, bumbling white guy. Tattoos are good. Spitting is good.

Holey smokes! A new FOX show: people watching people play with Legos! The cellar keeps going deeper.

Ridiculous is IN. Absurdity is the new standard. I give us a Badge Of Honor for not understanding messages in half the ads… likely referencing IN-people and “popular shows”.

There is a constant flow of debasing, overt sexuality, soft-core bondage, barely-clothed belly dancing, pole dancing, Illuminati Triangles everywhere, Arabic raincoat guy, plastic Satanic horns, leather fetish faces, semi-blonde star surrounded by 100% black hair, writhing, children in cages, pedophilia normalizing …

…Used to see stuff like this in seedy-side dives. Bringing it to the big screens is the new diversity.

From start to finish 5G as a great thing is part of the show and advertisements. My information sources know it as evil for nature, health and liberty.

Post game was pure ghetto talk. Twenty years ago Education Central deemed that requirements to learn mainstream English was preventing blacks from education. It appears that Ebonics is the new language standard coast-to-coast … or at least in Universities with football programs.

I would promise to check back on the state of television in another 30 years, but there won’t be any available where I will be then.