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don’t bring me no bad news

My daughter’s 8th grade class put on the play WIZ. I loved it… likely helped that my little girl who had done so poorly academically shone in dedication to learn and perform two leading roles… doing a good job of building sets, costumes, memorizing lines, actions and tunes very well. A dramatic change inspired by performing arts.

I was completely taken with their song “Don’t Give Me No Bad News”.
Tear them up, Grammar Nazis

That tune has come to my mind many times in the ensuing 20+ years. Click the PLAY arrow on the right for an audio-only version. You can listen to it while you read on.

While not knowing what is going on, or what is coming can be hazardous, there are a couple good, rational reasons for literally wanting NO BAD NEWS. When one is emotionally drained, reeling from the punches, it is a good idea to take some time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. (Another classic song jumped in here)

In my current situation, I have spent too much of every day intensely watching The Swamp Draining process. While I was being frustrated by the challenge of getting my websites back online I recognized the need for some TIME OFF from the intensely close watching, considering and reporting on what I saw… happening and coming at us next.

It was as if I was watching a plant grow in real time rather than checking in regularly, and was exhausting myself applying Body English trying to pull my side in a winning direction.

The Stupor Bowl gave me a strong dose of lamestream media and snapshot of what the masses were accepting nowadays. Monday I began some introspection. Tuesday I decided to take a break from my inside news sources.


I rearranged my browser bookmarks to re-prioritize my Internet use.

I am already nearly half-way through Winterdance by Gary Paulsen, a wonderful book recommended by my favorite mushers.

On today’s agenda is to create a pastel painting draft of the project I am planning for the four-week adult-ed pottery class that starts for me this evening.

At last nights practice session of my trombone quartet, Bitterroot Bones, we began working on a plan for a joint concert with the Hamilton Hand-Bell Choir in May. I bought five new EXCITING scores for my trombone group this morning.

While I was shopping for music to perform, my wife came in all excited about Trump’s State Of The Union performance. “You HAVE TO read or watch this. He was great.” No. I don’t. She described some of the Home Runs he hit, but I have been watching the show very closely and do not need the Cliff’s Notes version today. (Link above, in case you do.)

And here I sit writing from my heart and head instead of from today’s news.