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Why Bitterroot Bugle was AWOL

I changed my web hosting plan to save a few bucks. It has been a MAN VS MACHINE struggle to get my websites back up and available ever since. Perhaps old brain VS new technology … or patience VS intracacy … or something like that.

Machine slapped me around for several days now.

My web host encourages the use of a third-party service to prevent malicious players from flooding my website with bogus requests that would bury it and their servers hosting me. Siteground was wonderful, backing up and moving my stuff intact from one server to the less expensive one. They gave me a couple things to do with clear instructions and I was off and running.


The DNS Defenders do not give clear, clean, simple instructions. No. You have to study and hack your way around to make the change there. Their help desk just tells me to RTFB … USAF-speak for ‘read the directions’.

I have been trying that, and trying to get the DNS defender service help to actually be helpful, but the only thing I get is more frustrated. In the World Wide Web (WWW), changes are not instant even when you do them correctly. Answering “Did That Work?” can take half a day.

Today I resolved to get my websites UP.

DNS Defenders: RTFB

Web Hosting Siteground support gave me the information and knowledge I needed to get this site and my others back on the WWW.

This is not the first time I have leaned on them. For me it is one more example of an excellent customer service department, and the one that put me over the top in willingness to recommend and link to them. As a high quality hosting service I give them five out of five stars. Check them out from the links below and they will send me a thank-you gift.

In the transition, it appeared that I was making posts here, but those were to the old sites they left up for a few days to smooth the transition. Writers know that once thoughts and phrases transfer from brain out through fingers, they never return to brain. I lost a few thoughts … but what the heck, I’m losing brain cells every day. No biggie.

… I’m back …


* I just realized some may not recognize the term “AWOL”. I know it as a military term for Absent Without Leave … a very serious crime in military circles. It has become applied in many other communities.