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Bitterroot Bugle post categories

On the left column of every page in this blog is the above heading. Underneath is a list of every category here and the number of posts that fall under that category. Many of my posts touch multiple categories so I check off all that apply when I publish an article. That works for you when interested in a particular topic.

Yesterday I was looking for a particular post with my favorite video describing Q. It was too hard to find for something as significant to current events.

I therefore added a new category: Q vs the swamp.

I went back through some of my recent posts to add appropriate ones to that list, but did not go too far, so there will likely be many relevant ones from the last two years not there. Going forward, all pertinent ones will be added to the count.

Take a moment to scan that list on the left. Select any that catches your imagination, click on it to see the posts touching on that subject to see how this topic selection tool works for you.