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Q – be the plan

I went looking for one of these videos explaining the Q battle against The Deep State. I was disappointed that something I put into this website myself was THAT HARD for me to find. It is really good stuff that should be widely shared, viewed and understood. So I feature it once more… with a label I hope makes it easier to find next time I, or you go looking for it.

As it turns out, I ran across the first video below before the one I remembered. It is also excellent and I think a better first look, introduction to Q than the other. So I put them in priority order. Fershur watch a bit of each. Obviously I think you should watch both in full.

The enemy seemed to be overwhelmingly powerful. They sure thought so. Now we have a sliver of hope they may not be. Chip in a bit for our team however you can.

Q The Plan


My popcorn photo is somewhat tongue-in-cheek as I really do not think we should sit idly by while the fighters fight alone. You and I really should be part of this battle on the side of the good guys.


It is your country, your world, your future and the future for our progeny at stake.