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good news / bad news on Democrats

The main themes in Democratic Party politics today is shrill socialism, hysteria, curl up in a corner and cry, or come out shooting in every direction at anything that moves.

Rational thought has been jettisoned from their ship.

The moneyed instigators inspire thoughtless youths to dress as fascist thugs and violently attack conservatives for being fascist. The creeps are throwing gasoline, nitro-glycerin, incendiaries and any other destructive devices they can into our cultural fabric.

Will they get their “civil war”? Anybody’s guess.

The Democrats have become the main tools.

Mainstream is fed up.

Democrats are cheering Trump at his rallies.

Blacks are abandoning the Democratic Party.

Rallies for Trump fill stadiums. Rallies for Democratic candidates cannot even fill conference rooms.

Long-term Democratic strongholds are going belly-up. Socialism does what it always does.

The elected Demos are looking ridiculous.

They are completely anti-gun, anti-self-defense… other than the Socialist Rifle Association, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other militant socialists. This part is going to tear them up internally while the huggie-feely faction hates guns and the militant faction embraces them.

Unhinged while armed means they will be shooting in every direction.

Keep your head down.


P.S. I am not a Republican