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“wildfires” and high speed rail paths “coincidentally” align

The pictures are blatantly clear. Santa Rosa, Paradise, Camp Fire, Australia. The Agenda 21 engineers have discovered FIRE.

Rail corridors that would otherwise be impossible to purchase are coincidentally unoccupied and dirt cheap after record-setting fires conveniently follow their maps.

Enlightened planners create community separators on their maps without apparent regard to the thousands of very nice, expensive homes occupying the same spaces, often for several generations.

Suddenly *POOF* the separators are dirt and magical shrubs and trees that didn’t burn while adjacent houses turned to ash.

According to current news reports they are supposedly wrestling with the decision to allow rebuilding or not. That is laughable… gee, I wonder what they will decide?

Once in a while their directed energy lasers hit trees. This creates a never-before-seen situation where the trees burn from the inside out, often not even burning the outside.

You have probably seen hundreds of photos and perhaps in real life nature walks trees standing in the aftermath of natural fires. Outside charred, leaves and small branches gone, but the wooden core completely intact. Inside out is something new and unnatural.

Here is an 8-minute video from the Santa Rosa fire that covers a wide range of anomalies. Included is actual video footage of lasers coming from the sky to ground in the evacuation zone that subsequently burned completely.

Also shown is video footage of houses burned completely to ash – that is no charred hulks of steel appliances and other parts that normally are part of house fire rubble and residue. Right next to these completely dissolved habitats are shrubs and trees still in green leaf. Odd, to say the least.

This is backed up in interviews with career firefighters who have never seen anything like it… over and over … place after place.

Of course this is not believable. USofA military weapons could not be deployed against USofA people.


Or is it?

Maybe enlightened, brilliant people might “do this for our own good”.

You might have noticed from the news in Australia that they are employing arsonists to light some of these fires. They have discovered that we are sharing our knowledge of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) on the Internet. Now they are providing cover by tossing Muslim immigrants into the news cycle. There’s an enemy many will embrace and willingly look no further.

I will offer some free advice to anyone living in ANY CORRIDOR that your state, local or national planners think is JUST RIGHT for some other wonderful use:

while you are still alive and your home has some market value.

Now I give you a set of photos that make no sense … unless you consider DEW as a factor.

Don’t miss the “Fire Storms Blue Lights” video above-right. It pulls much of this together.

Finally, I share a video that puts the agenda together with the Sonoma County fire news.

California Fires: Behind The Smoke, The Death Agendas … SGT Report from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.